A Guide to the Kerry Blue Terrier Dog, Beloved by the Irish Why This Breed Holds a Place in Ireland's Heart

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Is The Kerry Blue Terrie Right For You?

  • 1 Kerry Blue Terriers are loyal dogs with a hypoallergenic coat that doesn't excite allergies.
  • 2 These dogs are energetic and require a good deal of daily exercise.
  • 3 The Kerry Blue Terrier is a natural hunter and may not interact well in households with cats.


Bred in County Kerry, Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier was first bred to help shepherd in Ireland in the 18th century. Their name, obviously, comes from their place of origin, and the fact that their coat has hints of blue. The national terrier of Ireland, the Kerry Blue is a very versatile working dog, making for a great small game hunting companion, sheep and cattle herding dog, guard dog, police dog, and an overall great family pet. In 1924 the Kerry Blue Terrier was recognized by the AKC.

Quick Facts

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    12 - 15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    18.5 - 20 inches (46 - 51 cm.)

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    Male Weight

    33 - 40 pounds (15 - 18 kg.)

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    Female Height

    17.5 - 19 inches (44 - 48 cm.)

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    Female Weight

    33 - 40 pounds (15 - 18 kg.)

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    Litter Size

    5-8 puppies, average 6


The Kerry Blue Terrier is a funny, playful dog that makes a great family dog. They love being around people, and are notorious for being clowns. They are, however, a protective breed and should be socialized early and well to prevent aggression towards other dogs. They need a confidant owner who is not afraid to lay down the law, because this is a breed that is not afraid to push boundaries. .


The Kerry Blue Terrier comes in a few different colors, such as black, blue, grey-blue, blue and grey, black speckles, and white speckles.

Health Concerns

The Kerry Blue Terrier is normally healthy and lives longer when compared to certain other breeds. The common health problems that these dogs might develop are:


The Kerry Blue Terrier is a sturdily built, strong, medium-sized dog. Their black nose has wide nostrils, to help enhance their ability to track game. Their ears, which are small, hang over the front of their head towards their eyes. They have a long neck that tapers away from the head, widening as it meets the shoulders. Their coat is soft and curly, and their tail stands straight up if it is docked (which is an illegal process in many places).

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