A Guide to the Beauceron, A Wise Protector What Makes This Breed So Good At Its Job

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Is the Beauceron right for you?

  • 1 Also known as the French Shepherd Dog, Beauceron puppies are highly intelligent and easy to train.
  • 2 Beacerons are great with children.


The Beauceron is a French herding dog that can trace their ancestry back to the Renaissance. A cousin to the Briard, these breeds were thought to be very effective guardians of livestock. Despite their natural tendency to be overprotective, these dogs have become useful in many lines of work, especially in the armed forces, being able to stay on task despite the world falling down around them.

Quick Facts

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    Extra Large

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    10 to 12 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    24 -27.5 in (32-70 cm)

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    Male Weight

    100 lbs

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    Female Height

    24- 26.75 in (61-67 cm)

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    Female Weight

    80-90 lbs

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    Litter Size

    6-7 puppies


Very smart and easily trainable, the Beauceron is a fine family companion. They are good with children and are capable workers, making a great watch or guard dog, and can outperform many other breeds in competitive obedience or obstacle sports. They seem, at times, to understand their master on a level deeper than other breeds. They do, however, require a strong minded owner in order to be properly trained. Otherwise, they might think that they run the show..


The Beauceron is only ever accepted in shows in a black and tan coloring similar to the Doberman. They can also be found in gray or a gray-black.

Health Concerns

A healthy and tough dog, the Beauceron does well if exercised enough. However, their size and weight can lead to:


The Beauceron is a massive, muscular breed that towers over others, growing up to 27 inches tall and weighing up to 110 pounds. Looking in many ways like a Doberman, they have a strong, angular muzzle and high set ears that are typically cropped. They have a short, rough, thick coat and a long, J-shaped tail.

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