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Bravecto is the original oral chewable protection against fleas! Protecting your dog for up to 12 weeks, and acting within 2 hours of use, Bravecto both kills and guards your dog from new infestations. It protects against fleas and 4 types of ticks: black legged ticks, brown dog ticks, lone star ticks, and American dog ticks. Since Bravecto works through oral chewing- your pupโ€™s flea protection has never been easier!

Rated 5 out of 5 by 82 reviewers.

This is a miracle flea and tick med. My dog had gotten them bad from my dad's dog(shared home). Once he got this medicine, he was flea free and so were we! he shares our bed. dad didn't get it for his dog. no matter how much they spent together, he didn't catch the fleas. We also have a big deer population that enjoys our acorns. no ticks either. Would highly recommend by on 02/22/2024
No bugs on my pup
We've used Bravecto since my pup was old enough to use it I think she was 3ish months old and as of April 2024 she'll be three never had a flea or tick, even while playing in the woods of PA and chasing chickens (With supervision of course), And she loves the taste never had an issue getting her to take her pill. 10/10 by on 01/02/2024
My pets
Bravecto is awesome! by on 10/03/2022
I love the product just donโ€™t understand why it never offers rebates or discount codes by on 08/26/2022
Doggy Mama
Brave to is great because itโ€™s easier to remember to give it to them every 12 weeks!! by on 05/06/2022
The Best product! Works 100%. Once every three months like a charm! by on 05/06/2022
Bravecto Bravo
Bravecto has done an excellent job preventing fleas and ticks in my two dogs - and they like it! by on 05/02/2022
Bravecto chews for the win!
Weโ€™ve been using this product for years and love it our dogs take them like treats and weโ€™ve always had great results! by on 03/23/2022
I believe it works.
Good thing itโ€™s edible and doesnโ€™t wash off like the others. Itโ€™s given every 3 mo. Which is good. Itโ€™s pricey and sometimes thereโ€™s a discount. by on 03/09/2022
Great service
The brave to came in an expedited time! by on 12/27/2021
Works never have problems, never worry about fleas and ticks live in Northern California woods by on 11/15/2021
Works well and don't have to see the marks on the fur where the topical used to go. Recommend by on 02/01/2021
Great product
I have been using this product since Barnie was old enough to take it. He has never had fleas or ticks in the close to five years he has been taking it. He has never had any side effects that I am aware of I love the fact that he only needs to take one chew every six weeks. by on 12/01/2020
No ticks or fleas for years
My dogs have been taking Bravecto for years and we've seen no signs of fleas or ticks - so we guess it's working :) I will add that they love to walk in tall grass and meadows when we're out on walks. by on 08/25/2020
Bravecto Chews
It is a wonderful medicine for my dog. She eats it like it's a treat and I love that I only have to get it every 3 months instead of every month. Have been giving it to my pup since I got her 4 years ago and we have never had any issues with fleas or ticks. by on 08/16/2020
this is so easy, non messy to prevent fleas and ticks. by on 08/02/2020
I can always depend on Bravecto to keep my dogs safe. by on 06/12/2020
Exactly as ordered
The Bravecto order arrived as ordered and expected in time and in good condition. Always easy to order from by on 06/11/2020
My pets are family & I love PetcareRX for helping me take care of them!
Bravecto chews are awesome! Thank you PetcareRX! by on 05/17/2020
Works great
Used since first LASH hike of the Appalachian Trail. on rare occasion a tick even bit, it died before it ever drew a drop of blood or fully implanted. For the most part never even saw a flea, tick, or mosquito bother either dog. Just wish it worked on biting flies too! by on 03/18/2020
Bravecto works better than expected
My dog had already had fleas, within a couple of days they were gone. I always use Bravecto because it's a three month dose in one pill, but it was nice to see how quickly it eliminates the issue even when it's too late. by on 11/12/2019
Outstanding product, Sophie has never had a single critter on her. by on 11/05/2019
effective, and simple
my dogs will actually take these without me having to disguise or force them. huge bonus. nice only every 90 days as well! by on 10/22/2019
The only thing that works
My Lab mix is allergic to even the dust of fleas. Bravecto has been a lifesaver! Nothing else has worked this well for my severely allergic dog. by on 09/30/2019
Works great!
I tried the flea drops, the Seresto collars, flea wash, and nothing worked for my dog. He's a 65lb mutt with a very thick ruff of fur around his neck, so the drops and collars weren't able to penetrate to his skin. He is allergic to fleas and was chewing literal holes in his back from the irritation. The vet suggested Bravecto, and he's been on it for about a year now. We have had no fleas and no problems with him itching. by on 08/28/2019
Love the bravecto. my Shepard/lab mix had no relief from advantage i am guessing because of her coat being so thick. but Bravecto solved the issue right away! I won't use anything else ever again by on 08/08/2019
Complete peace of mind
This is the only brand that really works to treat and prevent flea and tick problems. It kills fleas and ticks faster than the other monthly brands, and it is the only one that last for 3 months, which according to my vet is essential for preventing infestations in the home. I never have to worry about missing a treatment or have to worry about putting my dog or my family at risk of getting fleas or ticks. Three months of protection makes a big difference no question about it. by on 06/30/2019
Dog loves these!
Honestly can't speak to the efficacy of this medication, but I can say my dog has NOT had any issues with fleas/ticks. What I can say, with complete honesty, is that my dog goes crazy when I pull the box out of the cabinet to give him his quarterly dose. Absolutely no challenge getting him to eat these. No special pill-pockets or anything like that. He gobbles it up in a second. AND, he doesn't have fleas/ticks. So, that's a win-win, I guess. by on 05/27/2019
Bravecto Chews for Dogs
These work great, and my dog eats them right away. by on 05/22/2019
We live on a lake and have lots of critters visit our yard. Last year we had a horrible flea infestation. We sprayed our home and yard. We tried all kinds of stuff (junk) for our two dogs, Finally we purchased the Bravecto Chews and saw immediate results after giving them to our fur babies. We are purchasing them again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRAVECTO. The cost is worth it. by on 04/30/2019
Easy, Dogs love the Flavor. Very Effective by on 04/23/2019
Bravecto Chews for Dogs
Love this product! Works great for my dogs! by on 03/30/2019
great stuff
It is easy, Gus loves it and best of all no fleas. Does adding chemicals to my dogโ€™s body body bother me? One everything is a chemical and two I think it is balance. The one week he went from 0 fleas to covered with fleas, and the weeks that followed while we tried natural ways - he was miserable. So we choose bravecto, happy dog with no fleas. by on 03/03/2019
Works Awesome!
My dog loves to take this medicine, I don't have to hide it in anything he thinks it special treat. He even does tricks for it. It works great. I give it to him all year long even though we live in a place that has winter. I have not seen a flea or tick on him since we changed over to this medication. by on 01/26/2019
great service
Product came right on time, great customer service by on 01/23/2019
Bravecto Chews
Very easy to administer. My tiny yorkie eats it like a treat. So far, no side effects noted and she's well protected. by on 12/30/2018
Great product!
Bravecto works great for happy to be using it! by on 11/29/2018
Works great, Lasts three months, and easy to apply. Want a treat buddy? lol by on 11/28/2018
Worked Excellent
I was really impressed with this medicine. within 24 hrs my dogs were totally flea free and have been the entire course this medicine is suppose to be in effect. I def recommend it. I am a repeat customer. by on 10/19/2018
Flea and Tick control
I have used this on all my dogs and it really works great. we live in the country and my dogs wander through the pastures near by and it really keeps them flea and tick free. We have ocasionaly found ticks on them but always very small and dead, by on 10/07/2018
Great Product
Love this product it's a little big since my dog 60 plus pounds but she ate it and no fleas for months. by on 08/27/2018
So far so good!! No Ticks at all since we gave our dogs Bravecto!! We started Bravecto in July, but before we gave them the chew they were getting 3 to 4 ticks per day andb since they are long haired dogs it's hard to see them. But since July (heavy tick time in New Hampshire) Not 1 tick!!! Thank you BRAVECTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by on 08/23/2018
flea med
bravecto has worked the best for my dog . no fleas the whole time on med easy to give and works like a charm by on 08/05/2018
Great Pill
Only pill that my dog will take! Very convenient, I have it on a recurring order so I never forget by on 07/25/2018
Good product
Works,my dog never had problems with fleas or ticks. He likes to play in the tall grass and brush. by on 07/19/2018
Literally the only thing that works for my dog.
I have tried EVERY other flea medication from Advantage to Seresto and nothing worked for Izzy. Thank goodness we found Bravecto. Best thing on the market by far. I haven't tried the topical, only the tablet. by on 06/26/2018
Bravecto Chewable
This is the best product I've used for flea and tick control-have never seen a flea or tick on her and we live in an area surrounded by fields and hills. My dog takes it like a treat and I just have to calendar a reminder for 3 mths out. by on 06/13/2018
very big and apparently not tasty
My Lab toddler does not like his bravecto at all. I have to break it up for him into 4 pieces (which is easy) and treat him to get him to take it...Also it seems the bravecto works 8 weeks during high season but ok to go 12 weeks over the winter months by on 05/30/2018
Stuff Works
I was having problems with the advantage (fleas built a resistant and became ineffective). This stuff wiped them out totally and they never came back. Also, love not having to mess with spreading that goo on my dogs back every month by on 05/15/2018
Best Flea control ever
Best flea control and easiest to use. by on 04/24/2018
A great, cheap alternative to greasy topical flea control
I've had no success with topical flea meds, plus the greasiness from them is just way too much to handle. Meds like Trifexis are way too expensive, but Bravecto works well with my budget and has completely kept fleas off my Mini Schnauzer. I will continue to use Bravecto from here on out. by on 03/06/2018
I wish my dog would chew Bravecto
At first it was great, Nikita happily chewed her Bravecto and we didn't worry about fleas for a few months. However, now she has completely stopped eating it. I have to blend it with yogurt it cost too much to waste. Now I'm in search of another flea medication isn't too expensive but prevents the fleas just as well as this product. by on 02/26/2018
Works Great!
Super effective on ticks! Once the tick bites them, it dies. by on 02/08/2018
Works well and now cheaper
The pill works great foe fleas and ticks. Dog had lyme diease so protection is a must and it is much cheaper then the Vet. Next time I think I get 6 month supply. by on 01/21/2018
With warmer winters....
Since here in Northern Illinois, we don't actually get many cold winters anymore, we need to give our dogs flea/tick meds all year round. Both our pets, 1 dog and 1 cat, do not tolerate the topical liquids well. Bravecto is so easy. One chew every 12 weeks. He likes the flavor, we like the results. It is expensive, but less so that 3 monthly doses. by on 01/20/2018
Bravecto is easy and great
The only pill my dog has taken without trying to be sneaky with a pocket of piece of meat. Super easy and super effective by on 01/08/2018
This is awesome
I have 4 dogs... And all summer have been fighting fleas... Bravecto is the only way to go.. And last 3 months can beat that.. All of dogs loves the flavor .. THANK YOU. They will be taken this pill every 3 months for the rest of their life...YOU cant kill the fleas so you have to protect your love ones.. And I do love my dogs. by on 12/20/2017
My dog will not chew these and eat them.
If you allow your furbaby ANY table food whatsoever - they will not 'eat' these. [Mine doesn't] I give him very small bites of meat only and he will not chew these. I have to split them down the middle and slide them down the side of his throat like I wold medication. He absoutley will not chew these. *error on the side of caution* bcuz they don't seem to be controlling the mites he got from a flea infestation - and he made mange from it too, when we rescued him. he still bites at his knees. **I used this when he was 8 weeks...u just have to watch their weight. Since it's good for 3 months, they don't approve it at 8 weeks bcuz they are growing fast. That's the only reason. It lasted Bentley 6 weeks, when I gave it to him at 8 weeks. But I needed the benefit of the mites reaction [biting his knees] by on 11/01/2017
Bravecto for Dogs
I have used Bravecto for my little Havanese Dog for a little more than 2 years and since I started using it, I have not seen the first flea or tick on my dog! We don't have much of a problem with ticks, but it is another story with fleas and I use Bravecto year round to be sure he is protected. We don't have that much cold weather here in Florida so it is better to be safe than sorry. He will balk on taking meds that he has to take so I take him to a friend and get her to give the med to him for me. I can't praise this product enough since I started using it and it has worked so well. I tried so many other Flea products and it was like flushing my money down the drain for the results obtained! by on 10/15/2017
Newer flea/tick prevention
I tried Bravecto on the recommendation of my previous vet. I've been very happy with its effectiveness and ease of use. It's not the cheapest (about 10.50/mo) but you only have to give your dog one chew every 3 months. by on 07/07/2016
Good product
Good product, second time used. Ok price. Better than liquid spot treatments by on 07/02/2016
Problems Solved
Two of my four dogs have sensitive skin, and flea season, Spring, Summer, And Fall, is miserable for them.Constant scratching and biting and hair loss had me stressed. I was constantly asking their vet what product was most effective, without side effects. Every product except topical preventative made one dog sick and came back up within an hour. The representative for Pet Plus RX asked if I had tried Bravecto. I had never heard of it. It is a flavored chewable disc. One pill controls fleas AND ticks for up to three months .My dogs ate the tabs as if they were treats. The scratching and hair loss stopped. I just gave all four another dose and even after three months they were not starting to scratch. Ticks will come in from the fenced yard, but will not bite the dogs. The ticks crawl off. I work with dogs at the Humane Society and have mentioned Bravecto to many of our visitors. Thanks to the helpful representative, the problems are solved! by on 06/29/2016
Falvor is a great idea!
Layla has enjoyed the flavored tablet instead of having to try and swallow a tablet like her previous medicine (which she did not enjoy). by on 06/28/2016
The flavor is not yummy enough...
No matter what I hide the large chew in, she always finds it spits it out. I've tried bacon wrapped, cheese wrapped, meat wrapped, and peanut butter and she'll eat those things and then spit out the chew. I literally have to cut it in half put some peanut butter on it so it sticks to my finger and shove it down her throat with my finger and it takes about 10 tries to finally have her swallow the whole thing. Then I do the same thing again for the other half. It could be that my dogs just super picky! by on 06/17/2016
Bravecto a great help on a budget
I have 4 Pekingeses & they sometimes act like cats with the back licking of each other. This product save the worry that a topical will get into their mouths. The price also is good when you're on a tight budget. by on 06/16/2016
I love how easy it is to give this to my labrador. I was always leery of using the liquid form, never knowing if I was putting it on right, if the dog was rubbing it off, etc. With Bravecto, there is no doubt. Seeing that labs will eat just about anything, I felt certain that there would be no problem getting her to take a chewy lozenge. She was actually looking for more. We're really going to put it to the test tomorrow when we take her camping. If there are any negative results, I'll be sure to let you know. by on 06/13/2016
Best Product Yet!
We use Bravecto on all of our dogs. It is so nice to not have to worry about remembering to give this to them as it is done every 3 months. It is highly effective and is the best product made for ticks and fleas yet! by on 05/03/2016
Easy to use, no messy liquid to apply.
I love this product. It was recommended by my Vet because I have a Siberian Husky and I had a most difficult time applying the liquid flea and tick medications. I was never quite sure that the medication reached her skin since her coat is so thick. With this product, it is taken by mouth and lasts three months so I know she is getting the protection she needs plus application is less frequent. by on 04/05/2016
HE DOES WELL WITH THIS EASY DOSE EVERY THREE MONTHS - CHEWABLE AND HE SEEMS TO LIKE IT! It DOES concern me that it seems to "run out" before the ninety days are up, but he is outside on our property frequently and is probably exposed to more "critters" than the average dog. Still I LOVE being able to offer him a chewable, once every THREE months, -flea AND tick preventive ; no longer have to wrestle him to apply the Frontline liquid which he hates. by on 03/21/2016
Best Flea/Tick Medication
I have been using this for over a year now on two of my dogs. Since then, I have never seen a single flea on either of them. The only ticks I have found on them are dead ticks. And I live in an area where ticks are bad.It is very convenient to only have to give it to them once every 3 months.One of my dogs likes it, and the other one I have to cover it in peanut butter to give it to him. by on 03/08/2016
Super easy to use and it works!
I started using this product on the vet's recommendation. The two dogs I have were miserable with fleas biting them and the fleas had infested my home. This product has helped to get rid of the flea problem in my home and keep it from coming back. by on 01/24/2016
Good Buy
The Bravecto was a better buy from this company than at the veterinary I normally get it from. This really keeps the fleas and ticks off my dog. by on 01/20/2016
Works well
Our vet allergist recommended this product. The dog likes it, no adverse effects and no fleas or ticks. Win, win, win! by on 01/18/2016
This product makes life easier.
I absolutely love this product even if my dog doesn't like the thing to do is crumple it up in some wet dog food, they'll never know the difference. by on 12/16/2015
BRAVECTO - awesome!
Bravecto not only repels ticks, fleas, mites, etc... I had a situation where 3 foster dogs were first of all, victims of horrible inbreeding. I had them spayed and neutered, and within 1 week, each of them began losing hair, and had HORRID open wounds. One sweet girl was SO bad, a vet recommended euthanasia because we had tried everything, and she only became worse.Thankfully, another vet had learned from a Merck rep that Bravecto had actually cleared up such wounds, skin conditions, and enabled hair growth. On his recommendation, we gave each of these then 7 month old young dogs a Bravecto tablet.Within one week, we began to see amazing results! Not only did the wounds clear up and heal, their hair grew back, and within 1 month, you could not tell that they had been through this ordeal!We keep Bravecto on hand now, and always will. Thank you Bravecto for giving these babies the chance to heal, and go on to their wonderful adoptive homes !! by on 12/12/2015
Product has great features
The fact that this last 3 months and is a pill is fantastic. by on 11/17/2015
A Breakthrough for my little guy
Bravecto has been a god send for us. My dog is somewhat lame due to an anterior spinal artery stroke that left him no pain but limited left front paw use. Being a pug he is lazy anyway lol but he loves to lay on the grass and the lanai. In South Florida Fleas and Ticks never die, but the medicines several of them upset his stomach and he was lethargic for a day or two post administration of sed medicines. The Bravecto went down easy, he loved the flavor and ate it all. He has no Fleas or ticks, and had no bad reaction to it in the slightest. All of that coupled with the 3 month efficacy and this is a wonderful product. Also, being a surgeon, I read the data on this compound and it had some impressive data for improvement with minimal adverse reactions. by on 11/01/2015
my picky dog will take it when she will not take any other
my picky dog will take it when she will not take any other by on 08/31/2015
Great Product!
Our doggies love being outside and were having major flea issues. Bravecto is great - only four times per year - and no more fleas! My one doggy loves the taste of the medication - however, my other doggy does not so it is a bit of a challenge for us to get her to eat it. However, once they have Bravecto on board we don't have to worry for three months. I wish that one of these companies would also provide protection from spiders. Apparently, spider bites can get pretty messy as we are learning first hand! Highly recommend Bravecto! by on 08/22/2015
effective easy to use product
Keeps my toy fox terrier- Tiajuana Outlaw pest free. When he's happy, I'm happy! We love PetCareRx. by on 07/07/2015
Bravecto is so easy to use. My vet thinks that it is a very good product. Pet Care prices are excellent. I was buying it at the vet and it was much more expensive by on 06/17/2015
Great product, so easy to use.
Great product so far. I've been using for my three dogs now for four months and I have not seen any fleas. So easy to use, dogs like the taste too. by on 06/10/2015