Young Girl Wakes From Coma, Reunites With Savior Dog

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Young Girl Wakes From Coma, Reunites With Savior Dog

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and for one little girl, her silver lining is a mutt named Kiara.

[CAUTION: Content may be disturbing]

Earlier in the month, a little girl from Pilar do Sul, Brazil, was home alone when a stranger came to the door asking for a glass of water. Once inside, the man brutally attacked and attempted to take advantage of her.Scared for her life, the girl called her

typically timid dog, Kiara. Luckily, the dog was able to understand the severity of the situation and immediately launched onto the assailant, chomping down on his legs.After Kiara intervened in the attack, the man fled - but not before giving the girl a swift crack to the head with a blunt object. Still conscious when the paramedics arrived, the girl quickly passed out once she was able to let her guard down.Due to the severity of the girl’s injuries, she was put in a medically induced coma by the physicians at the hospital.It wasn’t until she came out of her coma five days later that Kiara’s heroic exploits

were even made known. “When I call to talk with her, she asks about her hero. She then went on to say that if not for the dog, she would not be here to talk with us,” her father told local news station,

G1 Globo

.After being closely monitored at the hospital for 11 days, the girl was finally released. Once home, she was greeted by friends and family waiting to shower her with love and affection.But they would have to wait. There was someone special she needed to see first.


“Thank you for saving me, Kiara,” the little girl said upon seeing her savior dog.Since the assault, a suspect has been taken in based on the description the girl gave local police. And thanks to the unique markings left behind by Kiara (bite wounds on the suspect’s legs)  a conviction seems promising.Kiara protected the girl from being assaulted -- or worse -- consoled her afterwards, AND left incriminating marks on the assailant for a quick conviction. THIS is why dogs are amazing.

Source:The Dodo - After Waking From Coma, Girl Reunites with Dog That Saved Her Life
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