World's Furriest Cat, Colonel Meow, Passes Away at 2 Years Old


Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

We're deeply saddened to announce the passing of Colonel Meow, our favorite kitty with a penchant for evil plots and world domination. Meow, 2 years old, died on Wednesday in his Los Angeles home.Colonel Meow's reign was marked by success as a feline internet star and the Guinness World Record holder for cat with the longest fur.



Colonel Meow Gets into the Guiness Book

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While the cause of death is unknown, according to his

Facebook page

,ย the Himalayan-Persian mix had suffered from complications with his heart in November.Born in 2011, Colonel Meow was rescued by the Seattleย Himalayan and Persian Society and adopted by Anne Marie Avey, whom fans called "Master." Meow became an Internet sensation in fall 2012 after his Facebook page and Twitter hashtag,ย 


,ย went viral.

Colonel Meow

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Between his long fur and stern face, fans imagined Colonel Meow as a fierce dictator on a quest for World Domination of humans and dogs alike. His regal, even intimidating looks inspired an array of amusing fan art.


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via Facebook

via Facebook

With more than 350,000 Facebook fans, called โ€œminions," Colonel Meow was certainly on his way to dominating the internet, along with his feline friends Lil' Bub and Grumpy Cat.Farewell, Colonel Meow, you will be sorely missed by your minions, including us.

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