Woman Sells Son’s House Cat for $140,000

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Woman Sells Son’s House Cat for $140,000

Whoever first said “you can’t put a price on love,” clearly never met the Perceval family from Australia, who priced the love of their son’s house cat out at $140,000.

The Story

While looking to sell their 5-bedroom home, the Perceval family encountered a strange type of offer (or an

Indecent Proposal

, if you will). After a prospective buyer finished his tour of the Perceval’s home, he noticed that

his daughter had fallen head-over-heels in love with the family’s house cat, Tiffany.When asked if the cat came with the house, the Percevals thought he was kidding. Proving that he was not in the joking mood, he offered to go over the asking price ($2.06M) to $2.2 million, but only if Tiffany was included.Not only that, but the man refused to sign the contract unless he was guaranteed that Tiffany was included in the deal. But that was not a problem for Mr. & Mrs. Perceval, who could not see anything past the gigantic dollar signs

in their eyes, or hear over the sound of cash registers going off in their heads.

Ka-ching! What cat?

The Problem

True, $140,000 is nothing at which to sneeze. However, if you were to ask the Perceval’s 19-year-old son, Tiffany was not a possession that can so easily be priced and sold. “She was the last of the litter, and he felt sorry for her,” Fran Perceval told reporters. Her son could not be found for a comment.And, in case you are still on the fence about whether this transaction was a savvy move or a callous one, Fran had this to say about her son’s objections to the sale of his cat: “We’re thinking we’ll put $20,000 in a pile next to the cat and say to Sam: you choose.”She also said that “it is quite difficult to part with [Tiffany],” but nothing that $140,000 can’t solve, right?

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