Woman Rescues Barely Living Dog from Mass Dog Grave

Woman Rescues Barely Living Dog from Mass Dog Grave

For every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.In this case, the dark cloud is a shockingly large dumping ground outside Dallas, Texas, where certain residents unceremoniously discard their deceased or unwanted canines. In the woods off Interstate 20, there is a plot of unkempt land that is now the final resting place for many of Dallas' dogs.The silver lining, however, is Marina Tarashevska.



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Marina routinely ventures off into these woods in search of any way to identify the monsters that so heartlessly threw away a loyal companion as if it were yesterdayโ€™s trash.

ID tags

, distinguishable markings - anything to help local police build cases against these animal abusers.She frequently wallows through a sea of rot and maggot infested corpses, just to bring these sadists to justice.Whatโ€™s more, occasionally she will find a dog that

is still alive!


Dallas News

A film crew heard about Marinaโ€™s harrowing exploits and decided to document one of her trips to the mass grave. As chance would have it, on this venture, Maria happened to find a pup that was still clinging to life.

Watch the Video Here [Warning Graphic Content]

Now appropriately named โ€˜Hope,โ€™ the dog that was pulled from the bramble that day is now on the mend. After a

trip to the vet

, she seems to be improving. Clearly, there is still a long road ahead, but all signs point to a full recovery and a happy hereafter for Hope.



Dallas News

If you want to stay tuned in to the wonderful work that Marina is doing, check out

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