Winter Pet-Walking Tips You Should Know

Winter Pet-Walking Tips You Should Know

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Winter is a very cold time of the year โ€“ some would even go as far as to say brutally cold. It could have an effect on all of us, dogs included. Just because itโ€™s cold outside doesnโ€™t mean that you should sacrifice your dogโ€™s exercise and physical well-being. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while walking your dog this winter.

  1. Keep his toe hair clippedIce tends to accumulate around the hair on his toes, so make it a point to keep it clipped while youโ€™re out walking.
  2. Try some booties.Boots can be hugely beneficial to dogs during the harsh winter months. The snow and the ice tends to dry out your dogโ€™s paws faster and chill him. Dog booties will also keep your dogโ€™s delicate paws from drying out from all the chemicals and salt that people put on the street in order to clear out the snow. Something else you can try, and is just as effective as wearing booties, is paw wax. Some dogs are overly uncomfortable wearing booties and you can try was for those cases.
  3. Wipe down his paws after a walk.You never know what he picks up on the street or stuck to the snow. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s so important to wipe his paws, every time you get back form a walk. Make sure you wipe them before he licks them.
  4. MoisturizeAfter youโ€™ve wiped down his paws, moisturize! This is a very important step in caring for his paws, especially during winter. It prevents the paws from drying. If you want to opt for a more natural moisturizer, try coconut oil. When your pet licks his paws, and he will, coconut oil would be the safest choice because itโ€™s enriched with healthy fats and vitamins.
  5. Keep your walks short.Your dogโ€™s already burning enough energy already through keeping warm. If heโ€™s tired, go back home. He may be freezing! Better to warm him up quick than unnecessarily lengthening the walk.
  6. Stick to the part where thereโ€™s sidewalk.Try keeping him out of the places where thereโ€™s deep snow. Walking in the deep snow could be fun for a short period of time, but in the long run, itโ€™s likely to get your dog colder, faster. Leave the heavy snow walking for shorter walks like when youโ€™re just out playing in the backyard, and home is close by.
  7. Plan your walksDonโ€™t let a blizzard catch you with your pants down. Better to check the weather and know the trail before taking your dog out for a walk.
  8. Walk during the day.Although the chances of the sun being out are slim, itโ€™s comparatively warmer during the day than in the evening.
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