Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

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Puppies are cuddly and full of energy, older dogs, on the other hand, are more calm and composed. Some people prefer adopting puppies to senior dogs, so they will not have to cope with the loss of a pet early. Senior dogs are special in their own way. While you may not get to spend as many years with them as you would with a puppy, adopting a senior dog can turn out to be a beautiful experience, here are some reasons why.

They are wiser and trained

Senior dogs are much wiser than puppies. They know what to and what not to do. They will not chew up your furniture or shoes, as they are long past their teething years. You will not have to cope with common puppy related behavioral problems with senior dogs. They know that they should not be relieving themselves inside the house, so you will not have to toilet train them. Even if the senior dog has not been trained, they will be quick to pick up these tricks as they are physically and mentally conditioned that way; they have a better attention span and grasping capabilities as well.

Senior dogs for the elderly

Some say that senior dogs can make good pets for the elderly, as these dogs are not as energetic as puppies; they will have no troubles laying by the couch all day, and will not constantly egg you on to take them for a walk or play with them. They do not need constant monitoring or


. They already understand basic commands, and just make a nice companion to hang around with. They are easy to care for, provided you know what kind of a diet and lifestyle suits them. You can have a talk with your veterinarian about any specific lifestyle changes or


that your senior dog needs.

They need you

There is a good chance that puppies are picked over senior dogs at animal shelters; most people who come into an animal shelter are instantly drawn to cute puppies. This makes the chances of senior dogs finding a home quite bleak. Most of these senior dogs probably had a home before they were turned into the shelter. Taking them into your home will give them a second shot at a good life. It is much tougher for them to find homes than the little pups at the shelter. If more pets come into the shelter and there is not enough space for all the pets, the senior dogs are probably among the first ones who will be put down. Adopting one would mean that you will be saving a life.

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