Why Should You Go for a Pet First Aid Training Course?

Why Should You Go for a Pet First Aid Training Course?

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Do you own a pet or perhaps, want one someday? Maybe you are just fond of animals? Donโ€™t wait till your pet faces a health emergency! Sign up for a pet first aid training course.Pet first aid is similar to human first aid except the suffering pet often cannot communicate the source of its ailment. In such a situation, it becomes the pet parentโ€™s responsibility to learn which vital conditions and what behavior is characteristic to the pet concerned. The pet owner can then take quick action on detecting any abnormalities to the regular pattern.

Why it is important-

Any pet owner will vouch for how precious their pet is to them. A pet is more than just an animal; it is an additional member to the ownerโ€™s family. It is important to meet their basic needs by providing proper nutrition, vaccinations & the occasional veterinarian visit. However, there is more to pet-care than simply this.Pets are curious by nature & prone to accidents. Research data predicts 92% of all pets will find themselves in an emergency situation at some point in their lives. About 60% of animal hospital visits are emergencies. No pet parent wants to be helpless at the face of an emergency. Prompt remedial action can not only be the deciding factor between life and death. It can also determine whether the disability will be temporary/permanent, the duration of recovery and the expense involved.

How it can help-
  • Pets often swallow indigestible products that pose a choking hazard.
  • Eat toxic materials that could poison them.
  • Injure themselves while at play or in a fight, leaving wounds open to infection.
  • Suffer a heatstroke

A pet first aid training course will equip the pet-owner with practice on how to perform CPR, other routine bodily examinations and the know-how to check for the petโ€™s vitals. It will also teach them how to come to the petโ€™s aid if the above-listed problems arise.The caregivers will be trained to lower the petโ€™s body temperature in the occasion of a heatstroke. He/she will be taught how to stem blood loss to prevent excessive bleeding. They will learn how to clean and/or bandage their petโ€™s wounds to prevent infection. The course will instruct the owner how to induce vomiting in the pet to eject poisonous substances it may have swallowed. Steps to prevent the pet from choking will also be discussed.Pet first aid training will instill necessary confidence in the pet owner to handle his/her pet without panicking in an emergency situation. Several books and videos are now available online to guide pet owners in such emergencies. However, the expertise gained from an in-person class is irreplaceable. The hands-on skill training provided in them will ensure your pet is in safe hands until the vet arrives.

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