Why Is My Dog Scared of the Vet?

Why Is My Dog Scared of the Vet?

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Taking your dog to the vet is one the most challenging tasks you will face on a regular basis due to its antics. Even if you do your best to trick your dog and take it to the vet, your canine will realize what is going on. If you are wondering why your canine is scared of the vet, you have come to the right place.

Why are dogs scared of the vet?

A puppyโ€™s first experience with the vet would have majorly been for vaccinations and health check-ups. Also, your canine will be flooded with strange sounds and scents that will make it uncomfortable. As a result of this, your canine will associate fear, a common behavioral problem among dogs, to vets. When your dog is experiencing fear, it wouldnโ€™t want a stranger such as the vet to touch it with strange looking objects.Fear will kick in for your canine at different times such as when you are entering the car or when you are right outside the vet clinic or when the vet comes close. Due to fear, your canine will behave become extremely defensive or it will become unmanageable. On top of that, if you get scared or nervous, the situation will become worse as your canine can sense it.Animals use fear to keep themselves safe during dangerous times, that is the fight or flight response. If you donโ€™t actively address this problem, your canineโ€™s behavior will worsen with every visit to the vet. It will have a negative impact on your canineโ€™s mental and physical health.

How to make your dog tolerate visits to the vet?

Use the following tips to make your dog comfortable while visiting the vet.

  • Ensure your canine is comfortable in getting handled or touched in places such as the mouth, ears, paws, and tail.
  • Ask the vet, technician, and secretary to give your canine its favorite treats and toys when you visit the clinic.
  • Play classical music in the car so that your canine becomes calm and composed while traveling.
  • Make social visits to the vetโ€™s office on a regular basis to make your canine comfortable with the vet.
  • Avoid forcing your canine to visit the vet. Instead, take your time and let your canine get comfortable at its own pace.
  • Practice the examination procedure followed by the vet at home. By doing this, your canine will feel okay when a vet is handling it.
  • If your canine isnโ€™t comfortable visiting the vet, find out if the vet will make house visits.
  • If your canine is aggressive, put a muzzle on its mouth to prevent accidental bites. Get your canine to be comfortable with a muzzle before taking it to the vet.By following these simple tips, you will be able to take your canine to the vet without any hassles. If you have any doubts, please leave a comment below.
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