Why Get Dog Biscuits?


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In human terms, dog biscuit is snack food to your dog. It should not be fed as a substitute for a meal. The dog biscuit is of hard texture and used as a dietary supplement. You can give dog biscuits to all canines. This food is not exclusive to dogs. The biscuit is a dry one and sold in a flat shape designed to look like a bone. Other than providing nutrition, it also assists in cleaning your dog's teeth thus promoting oral health.


The existence of biscuits specially made for dogs can be traced back to Roman times. The earliest dog biscuit was made from bran. It was made from human bread gone stale or bad and thus unfit for consumption by humans. The Spanish made progress in this regard, with dog biscuits popping up in many early 17th-century literature.

The earliest iteration of modern-day dog biscuits come from the United Kingdom. It makes a maiden appearance in the 19th century. The cookies of those times were accompanied by an assortment of vegetables like parsnips, potatoes, and carrots. The biscuits were made in factories and in enormous quantities to feed the pets of people who were fast becoming more prosperous due to global trade.

Food convenience and more

Dog biscuits are not only tasty for dogs; it is a boon for dog owners too. You are not required to cook a snack just for your dog- the biscuits will more than suffice for a snack. The biscuit is much cheaper when it comes to feeding the dog another kind of snack. Since canines are mainly meat eaters, procuring meat and then cooking it could be a cumbersome and needless chore. Even if you are economically weak, the dog biscuit comes in handy as it is cheap and contains all the nutrients needed to sustain the dog. It also has the correct quantity of calories as a dog which is inside a small house almost all day long gets minimal exercise. Giving your dog high-calorie food as a snack will make your dog fat and unhealthy, giving rise to many diseases.

Dog biscuits in later years began to incorporate meat as an ingredient. A dog biscuit made of meat can be substituted for dog food. It means you can give it as a meal. About 25 percent of a meat dog biscuit contains meat. This kind of biscuits increase the endurance of the dog. The shape of the dog biscuit has changed through the years. It was flat and square shaped during the initial period of its development. This changed when an American company F.H. Bennett hit upon the idea of designing the biscuits to look like a bone. The idea took off, and most dog biscuits are shaped like bones today.

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