Why do dogs come running when you whistle?

Why do dogs come running when you whistle?

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Your dog always comes over when you whistle. This is as the puppy is trained to do that. The dog is habituated to run towards you when you make that sound. Since a dog's hearing range is much more than the human hearing range, a โ€œsilentโ€ whistle can also be sounded to make your canine come running to you.

Evoking curiosity

To a dog, the sound of a whistle evokes curiosity at first, and this is the reason it comes running to you in the first place. Doing the same action repeatedly makes it a matter of habit. You simply need to train your dog so that it comes to you without the need of the whistle at specific times and when certain events occur.

Training a dog needs creating proper conditions. The latter should be such that the animal repeats the same behavior. You will have to give it rewards or treats which it should expect when you whistle. This is especially important if your dog helps you in your profession.

For many dog owners, purchasing an ultrasonic dog whistle makes sense as it is a much more effective and reliable way to call the animal compared to a verbal call. Ultrasonic whistles are usually taken up during the training's penultimate stages for certain dogs employed in specific tasks like hunting or shepherding. Since ultrasonic whistles carry over longer distances, law enforcement authorities like the police regularly use them.

Judicious whistle use

In case you and your dog do not like to venture outdoors, it is important to train your dog indoors. Use the audible whistle sparingly in such cases. Excessive whistling will disturb family members and your neighbors. If you train your dog well, a whistle could even stop it from barking. Training is vital in such habit forming in animals. The whistle device plays no part at all. Do not whistle too much if you want your dog to react positively to the whistle. In case your dog barks whenever it hears the whistle, then something is wrong with either the whistle or the animal itself. In case of the second reason, it is important to give the animal specialized training.

If the dog does not respond to your call, then it is the result of an incomplete training process. If, as a dog owner, you feel that you are unable to train your dog, then it is a good idea to hire a professional to train the dog for you. The person will come and train your best friend in all the phases of training. Whatever option you choose, the dog whistle must be used in a judicious manner. It must not be overused.

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