Why Do Dogs Bury Things?

Why Do Dogs Bury Things?

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From television remotes to toys, treats, trinkets and more, dogs tend to bury a number of objects around the home. As you may already know, burying things is something that dogs have been doing for centuries now. So, your dog is just following suite and doing what his ancestors did back in the day, despite the fact that they are domesticated unlike the latter. Let's take a look at what prompted dogs to bury things and why your four-legged pal does it even today.

Instinctive burying behavior in dogs

To understand this defining trait in dogs, we have to rewind back to centuries ago, when dogs were not domesticated. Dogs would mostly move around in packs, roaming from one place to the other hunting for food. While hunting food was not always an easy task, neither was retaining it. In the event that they did catch something, there was always a chance that some other predator would try to steal their food. Burying it was how these dogs made sure that the food was safely tucked away under the mud that served as a natural refrigerator. The dirt would mask the scent of the food off, while the mud also concealed the food from sunlight helping it stay refrigerated. They also saved some of the food in case they had more than they could manage to eat in one go or wanted to put some of it away for a rainy day. Burying it would keep it guarded from other scavengers, while they could come back and find it when needed.

What's your dog trying to tell you?

As we mentioned before, your dog could just be following its instinctive traits while burying


and other objects. What's interesting is that some dogs hide their food away by burying even though they are well-fed and do not have to hunt for food. It is just them following their natural instincts. Sometimes, a dog may decide to bury away some of its treats because they do not want to have it at one go, and would like to relish some of it later on, and save some for their canine pals too, in some cases. Of course, you want to keep a close watch on your dog's burying tendencies when it comes to food, as you don't want him to suffer from a stomach upset from consuming rancid food.If your dog hides away some of your possessions, be it your phone or jewelry, it is probably trying to catch your attention and get you to play with him. You want to train your dog, so it knows what can be hidden and otherwise, and where it is allowed to be hidden too. Many of these objects can pose a choking hazard, while you don't want your precious possessions to go missing either. Make sure you limit the


that your dog has access to and rotate the toys from time to time, so he/she does not get bored, as dogs tend to bury their toys because of this.

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