Why do Cats Run Away Before Dying?


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If you are a cat owner, then you are definitely someone with a lot of questions about your catโ€™s behavior. Cats are very mysterious creatures, a trait that often leaves their owners in a dilemma. Most cat owners take a couple of months to understand their cat completely. Even then, cats have certain characteristics that very unique to their species.For instance, almost all cat owners are likely to ponder the answer for a single question. Why do cats go away to die?For those of you who do not own a cat or have not interacted much with cats, this might be new information. Almost all cats tend to wander away from their homes when they are dying. Itโ€™s very puzzling since no other pets exhibit this trait.So, why does a cat go away to die?The truth is that no amount of research has been able to unearth the full explanation of why cats wander away when they are dying. Cats are highly intelligent and they are capable of sensing if their end is near. Many people believe that cats prefer to be alone when they are sick or dying, away from a lot of human activity.Cat counselors believe that the tendency to wander away when dying stems from the evolutionary past of cats when they would often move to a more secure spot to stay safe from predators.

What it means for cat owners?

Cat owners often have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that their cat prefers to be away from them when they are dying. Many owners feel guilty and responsible when their cats do this. It is important to remember that cats are just reacting to their instincts and it is nothing that you have done.Injured cats also have a tendency to run away and hide. In such cases, it is important to find out where your cat is as soon as possible. Their injuries need to be treated so that they are not at a risk of contracting any infections.Either way, your cat prefers to hide because they are in need of peace and quiet. If you do happen to have a cat that is dying, the best thing would be to allow your cat to sit somewhere peaceful and be alone with himself or herself.Cat owners may find themselves troubled at the fact that their cats are shutting them out but, it is not so. They are definitely likely to feel happier when they are close to you and have your attention.Let your cat go in peace and do whatever you can to make his final days as smooth as possible.

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