Why buy a DoggyRide bike trailer?


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Many companies manufacture and sell dog bike trailers in the market. It is your choice to pick the trailer best suitable for your dog and also for your pocket. Many dog owners like the DoggyRide Novel model. It is excellent for owners who want to ride longer distances and frequently does so. Owners of disabled or senior dogs, especially like this company's products. The trailer comes in the signature orange and black colors. There are several standard accessories which many trailers lack,ย  like ample storage space, and a roof rack. The pet bed is made of two-inch thick memory foam.

Excellent build

The frame of the DoggyRide trailer is quite light at 34 pounds and made of robust aluminum alloy capable of holding dogs with a maximum weight of 110 pounds and to a maximum of 26 inches at the shoulder. The trailer also has 20-inch wheels which are proven to be well-designed and sturdy. The company also sells a hitch adapter which permits this trailer to be fitted into specialty bikes which other trailers cannot accommodate.

The DoggyRide trailer is built to be functional for a long time. It is engineered to cater to the requirements of a dog owner who is also an outdoor adventurer and serious biker. Previous owners of the trailer have insisted that the roof rack of the trailer is superb for road trips and camping as it permits the rider to store as much as 12 pounds weight of gear on the top of the bike trailer. The whole paraphernalia can be folded swiftly with the removal of a single pin. If you are setting up a tent for the night, be sure that your dog is sleeping comfortably in its trailer as it doubles up as a snug tent. You have to remove the kickstand legs. There is thus no need to pack the regular crate.

Quick stroller conversion

The DoggyRide trailer can be used during rain and can be swiftly converted into a stroller. The equipment has an extra plastic UV guard which also doubles up as a rain cover. You can slip this on and off without any hassle. There are no buttons, buckles, or zippers. There are open flaps to the side to make sure that the dog enjoys excellent air circulation at all times inside the cabin. The DoggyRide can easily be converted into a stroller once you have arrived at the destination. This makes it perfect for owners of senior dogs who want their canines to be with them at all times. The two-inch thick memory foam makes the DoggyRide a better choice for disabled, older, injured or ill pets.

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