Why Are Dogs Easier To Train Than Cats?

Why Are Dogs Easier To Train Than Cats?

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If someone claims or thinks that cats cannot be trained, it is not true at all. There is no dearth of real life examples when cats have been successfully trained so that they do tricks and behave well. There are a few circuses where says are seen jumping through hoops and climbing ladders.But it is also correct that it is easier to train dogs as compared to cats. You need to give much more effort while training your cat. But have you thought why it is so? After all, there should be a proper reason for why cats cannot be trained as easily as dogs. The actual cause of this due to the fact that all animals including cats and dogs do their tasks according to what nature has assigned them. So what are these tasks? It is all about how they gather their food,

Dogs and cats gather their good in different ways

It is a well-known fact the most of the denials get highly motivated by food. In fact, food in the real world is something a wild animal would give his or her best to procure as they require it for their survival. However, there is a big distinction in the techniques used by cats and dogs to hunt. It is this great difference which forms a gap between the ease of training when dogs and cats are compared.

Technique used by dogs to hunt

Most of the dogs have an ability to chase their prey for several miles till they are thoroughly exhausted. It is this difficulty level that can make them do practically anything possible, These include running courses, trying to make their owners, sitting in a single spot and perform tricks until their desired goal is achieved.

Technique used by cats to hunt

On the other hand, cats are not that insistent by nature. Nature has created them in a manner that makes them preserve their energy as long as that is possible. Perhaps, that is the reason why you will find cats sleeping for several hours during the day and indulge in brief play sessions for releasing their energy in the evening. That is not all as cats typically hunt smaller animals such as mice, which do not give them high energy in the form of calories. Hence, cats are quite sensible about not wasting greater energy than what their food will provide them. Unlike dogs, cats do not respond to their training well whenever you become too demanding. So, when a cat thinks that its return will be less than what you demand out of it, you may not get the desired level of success while training them.On the other hand, if you chalk out a training plan properly and offer a substantial reward to your cat along with the result of the task, you will realize that it is not that tough to train your cat.

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