What Your Dogโ€™s Poop Says about Its Health


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Here?s an unpleasant yet important fact; you get to know a lot about the health of your canine friend by looking at its poop. The color of the poop changes even when there is a small change in the diet of your canine. Consistency and poop color will tell you if your canine has a health problem. Keeping an eye on your dog when it answers nature?s call is important for this reason, however unusual it may seem.Here are five types of poop you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Normal and healthy poopLet?s start off with good news; if your canine?s poop is neither too liquidy and soft or if it is medium brown and shaped like a log, you have nothing to worry. You are feeding your canine a healthy and balanced diet. However, you should know that there may be small changes depending on the breed and the food eaten by your canine.
  2. Green colored poopIf you see this color, it doesn?t mean that your dog is from outer space. If your canine has eaten a lot of grass or food with a lot of food color, the poop becomes green. Low-quality food has a lot of dyes which can change the color of poop. Either switch to high-quality food or feed your canine a natural diet.
  3. Rock-like and grayAt first glance, this type of poop might look like a piece of rock. However, this is an indication that your canine might be suffering from constipation. If you find your canine finding it hard to excrete, you will have to take it to a vet. If you can?t visit the vet for various reasons, give your canine food which is softer and has higher moisture levels. You can also add small amounts of water to your canine?s food.
  4. Liquid or soft light brown colored diarrheaYour dog won?t think a lot when it comes to eating things it comes across. If the poop is softer than usual, your canine might have digestive or dietary issues. Stress is another reason why your canine might have mild or even severe diarrhea. There may be other causes such as parasites or problems with organs. Take your pet to the vet if you notice diarrhea. The vet will examine your canine and suggest a diet that will be meet all its digestive needs.
  5. Blood or red poopIf you notice specks of blood in your dog?s fecal matter, it could be a sign of bleeding in his bowel. Parasites, stress, or poor diet are the main reasons behind this strange red coloration. If the color of the poop is primarily red, your canine might be suffering from Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (GHE). This condition is common among small dogs. It is a strange phenomenon as it can strike healthy pets. If you notice streaks of blood or primarily red poop, you need to take your canine to the vet.

Don?t feel shy to inspect your four-legged friend?s poop as it is one of the best ways to determine its health. If you have any queries about the color of your dog?s poop and what it signifies, leave a comment below.

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