What to keep in mind when taking your dog to work

What to keep in mind when taking your dog to work

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A day in the office is a lot better when you take your dog to work. It is a perk to take your puppy to your workplace. Many would-be employees even ask their prospective employer on whether the company is pet-friendly prior to taking any decision. When you take your dog to your workplace, it should be a successful trip for both of you.

Do check with your office admin

Keep in mind that not all of your office colleagues would be happy to see a pet near them. Some may be frightened of dogs or could be simply allergic to dog fur. If there is someone, be respectful of that person and plan an alternate celebration event.

Make your workplace dog proof

Decided to bring your puppy to the workplace? Ensure the office environment is deemed safe to do so. Take a survey of the office plants and if you find any plant that is deemed harmful to canines, remove it. There should be no pesticide bottle lying around. Hide all electrical cords. Secure all toxic items like permanent markers. If there is any office item which can harm the dog, keep it out of the canine's reach.

Your puppy must be healthy

Like you, the dog also must make an excellent first impression. Before you take your puppy to the office, double check that the animal has taken all the needed vaccinations. Ensure that the dog is properly bathed and then groomed before you take it to work. Since it is your dog, you know and understand its behavior. It is logical that overly aggressive dogs best stay at home. Do consider its behavior with strangers before bringing the animal to the office. Your office is not a suitable place if the dog is hostile towards strangers, and exhibits aggression and irritability towards new people.

Get a doggie bag

Put food, leash, pet-safe disinfectant, toys, paper-towels and a leash inside a doggie bag. If you leave your dog alone at home when you work, it is a good idea to get a baby gate for the door. A portable kennel makes a suitable buy for the comfort of your canine.

Feeding times are important

Since you are employed, it will not be a good scenario if your puppy's potty time coincides with an important meeting. Plan the dog's feeding in such a way that it does not interfere with the work schedule. Make sure your office has a specific area where your dog can relieve itself.Do not force co-workers to interact with the puppy. A dog lover will automatically pet the animal. People who do not like pets will stay away.

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