What To Do If Your Dog's Tongue Gets Lacerated?


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Your dog's mouth can easily get lacerated. Canines chew all things and some of which are dangerous. It is only a matter of time when a thing it chews on cuts its mouth. Other causes of lacerations include accidental tongue bites, lip bites and fighting with other dogs. Regardless of what caused it, a dog laceration is hard to treat due to their location. As an owner, you should take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as such an accident happens. Until you do, help your dog by keeping the cut clean. Monitor it for further damage and if any infection has occurred. If your dog suffers laceration, complete the following steps in sequence.If the laceration is an actively bleeding one, put pressure on it. Continue keeping the pressure until the flow of blood stops. Use an absorbent and soft cloth like a towel piece or any old washcloth. The piece you use must be clean. Germs and dirt must not get into the wound. If the wound is in the tongue, then let the blood flow.Take your dog to the veterinarian if the blood continues to flow even after 15 minutes. A slash on the tongue, or any cut in the mouth, will frequently bleed. This is not a serious condition. The flow of blood will normally taper down and cease within a short period of time. Stitches could be required if the bleeding does not stop after a few minutes. You must take your dog to a veterinarian.As long as the mouth heals, give your dog only soft foods. The existing laceration could be irritated by hard and dry food. It is your responsibility to ensure that the wounds suffered by your dog heal as quickly as possible. Do keep hard objects like sticks or bones or any other damaging objects away from the canine for a few days post the appearance of the wound.Take your dog to a flowing water tap and rinse the wound area. Use only normal water and rinse twice every day. This will take away from the food particles which may cling to the cut edges. Examine the injury carefully. Make sure the healing process continues.If bleeding occurs in your dog's tongue, it will have trouble eating and cleaning itself. The injured dog's social bond with other canines will weaken as this sensory organ plays multiple roles. A dog's tongue injury cause significant problems. Bleeding from a tongue is hard to stop and more blood comes out. Hold an ice-cube near the wound to make the bleeding stop. This has the effect of constricting blood vessels. All-purpose flour can be used for comparatively small cuts.

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