What Dog Genetic Testing Can Reveal to You

What Dog Genetic Testing Can Reveal to You

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Why should you consider getting your dog genetically tested? Although not necessary, getting your dogโ€™s genetic history can reveal a lot to you about your dog and its little quirks.

  • Is your purebred dog actually a pure breed?If you are someone who is particular about the breed of dog you have and want to ensure that the purebred you bought is actually a purebred, genetic testing can tell you if there are any other breeds present in your dogโ€™s DNA. If you have noticed any behavioral inconsistencies in your dog, this may explain why your purebred doesnโ€™t always behave like other dogs of the same breed.It is important to note that even if your purebred turns out to have a bit of another breed in it, it still loves you unconditionally and should not be abandoned or given away for this reason.
  • Is your mixed breed pup going to get really big and furry?If you are planning to adopt a pup that is a mutt but have some restrictions in terms of space you can afford for the dog, it is a good idea to get genetic testing done on the pup. The test results will tell you if the mutt has any big breeds in it and if it will grow up to be a very big dog.If you are someone who owns a small house or do not have a lot of outdoor space, it is a good idea to adopt a mutt that will not grow up to be huge or have massive space requirements. Keeping such a dog in a small, restrained space will be problematic for you and for the dog in the long run. Having an idea of how big your mixed breed pup will grow up to be helps you plan ahead for it.
  • What are the health issues you need to look out for in your mutt?Certain dog breeds are predisposed to certain health conditions. For example, Labradors and golden retrievers are prone to intestinal and joint problems, while most large dog breeds have heart-related problems. Pugs have breathing issues, while dachshunds have spine and eye problems.Knowing what breeds make up your mutt can help you stay alert to certain disorders your dog may be predisposed to because of the DNA it contains. Having this information available will help you spot health problems early on and get them treated in time.
  • Why does your mutt behave a certain way?Certain breeds have very specific behavioral traits that are embedded in that breedโ€™s DNA. All breeds of retrievers are great at playing catch, while German Shepherds and Rottweilers make for great guard dogs and loyal companions.Knowing the breeds that make up your mutt may help explain certain behaviors your dog exhibits. It will help you understand your dog better and train it accordingly.
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