What do Dogs do when they are Home Alone?


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When you leave your dog alone at home, you might have wondered what they do without any supervision. Do they call their canine buddies over or do they go crazy and do everything possible? Unless you have a camera in your house, there isnโ€™t any way of knowing what will happen when you leave your dog home alone.However, you donโ€™t have to do that because here is what dogs do when they are home alone:

  1. They look out of the window/balcony or sit near the doorIf your dog doesnโ€™t have anything to do in your house, then it will most probably sit near the door or look out of the window/balcony. Your dog will start missing you the moment you step outside the house. As it feels like this, it will spend a lot of time near the door or looking outside, hoping that it will get a glimpse of you. Most of the time, your dog will wait near the door so that it can greet you upon arrival.
  1. They do everything they are not supposed to be doingItโ€™s quite easy for dogs to get bored when they are home alone. If your dog runs out of things to do, then it will start doing things that it's not supposed to be doing. After all, who is going to stop your dog if there isnโ€™t anyone at home? Your dog will get on your furniture or your bed because you are not at home. It will go through your things and find items that it can tear to pieces like your shoes or socks. It will also ransack your garbage can with the hopes of finding a meal. The possibilities are endless because dogs are extremely smart animals.
  1. They catch up on sleepIf you took your dog out for a walk or you played with it before leaving it at home, your canine will most likely go to sleep. It will sleep on its bed or any other place that it finds comfortable such as your bed or sofa. However, the moment they hear a noise, they are up on all fours, ready to investigate what happened.
  1. They become sadAs dogs are social animals, they love having their owners around. Dogs are also extremely smart because they associate things with events. For example, if you grab the leash, your dog gets excited because you will take it for a walk. Similarly, when you pick up your keys, your dog will know that you are going to leave the house and will start feeling sad.

These are just a handful of things that dogs do when they are home alone. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please leave a comment below!

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