What changes take place when your kitty becomes a big cat?


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If you adopt a kitten, then it will forever be a baby in your mind's eye, regardless of its actual age. Do remember that a kitty becomes a cat when it reaches six months of age. Many believe that a kitten reaches adulthood only when it becomes a year old. When it comes to body growth, a sudden spurt happens anytime between two months to six months. Your kitty could begin to look like an adult cat from six months onwards.

Meals are important

The six months' age is crucial. As an owner, you must feed the kitty protein-packed meals at regular intervals all through the day. Ideally, you should give food about four times a day. The food must be specially formulated for kittens. This food contains all components required to keep the little balls of fur growing healthy and strong. Only if proper nutrition is given, then the kitten will develop into a healthy adult. You can offer your pet normal adult cat food after it crosses the six month age threshold limit. Do not start any action on your own. Consult the veterinarian prior to making any change.When your kitten becomes an adult, its style of walking also changes. This change usually happens at an extremely young age. A kitten could walk and run like adult cats from six weeks onwards. This specific time period is vital for kitten coordination and its development. Kittens like to play with things. They choose random objects and play with them. This activity stimulates their minds and expands them. As an owner, you must monitor at all times what your beloved pet touches. This will keep the animal safe.

Reaching adulthood

Your cat reaches its teens when they reach six months of age. Almost all cats reach complete reproductive maturity during this time. This is the cat's version of adolescence. Female cars generally begin their heat cycles from this period. Male cats begin their mating behavioral patterns, like pacing and urine spraying. The males also roam and fight from this age. Do keep in mind that six months is the average age for reaching feline maturity. A few cats become mature at an earlier age and a few cats much later.Each kitty is unique. A few mature much more quickly than others. It is safe to say, however, that all cats get fully matured by the time they reach 18 months of age. This age means the kitten is, by all means, a fully grown cat in every sense. It is important to keep in mind that a majority of neutered and spayed kittens does not show typical mating patterns unless they get taught.

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