What are the Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2014?

What are the Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2014?

The American Kennel Club released its 

rankings for the most popular dog breeds in 2014

. The organization tracks the popularity of various breeds and releases an annual list ranking them but not sharing the raw numbers. This year, Labrador Retrievers came in at the No. 1 spot.Following Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs and Beagles rounded out the top five most popular breeds in the U.S. Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles, Boxers, French Bulldogs and Rottweilers were also in the top 10.Labradors were atop

the AKC's list as the most popular pooch for the 24th straight year, the AKC explained. Other breeds did move up and down, however. Bulldogs and French Bulldogs made the biggest leaps, with Bulldogs hitting No. 4 and French Bulldogs making the list for the first time ever.But there's only so much room at the top. For the French Bulldog to get in, Dachshunds were knocked from last year's ninth spot out of the top 10 for the first time in 30 years.Other breeds became significantly more popular in the last decade without being ranked as one of the top 10. Border Collies, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, and Black and Tan Coonhounds have risen more than 10 spots since 2004. The least popular dogs in the U.S. in 2014 were Norwegian Lundehunds, English Foxhounds, Cesky Terriers, Harriers and American Foxhounds.

Why Labrador Retrievers? 

If you own a lab, you may agree wholeheartedly with these rankings (for the 24th year in a row), but if you don't, you may be scratching your head wondering what makes these pooches so popular.Labrador retrievers

may be popular for a number of reasons, starting with that they're energetic and happy. They love playing, running and having fun. This makes them great for families with young children who the dogs will have to keep up with as well as active owners who want a hiking or running companion.Additionally, purebred or mutt labs are handsome dogs. Black, chocolate or yellow, they are cute as puppies and adults. Labs also generally get along well with people and other animals, making them easy to welcome into a crowded home.Labs are also easy to groom with their short, soft hair - although they may shed more than other breeds. These pooches are also very trainable and eager to please.However, labs aren't perfect for every dog owner, YourPureBredPuppy advised against getting a lab if you're worried about keeping your pooch active, being too rowdy, chewing on items around the house, or shedding.Use your PetPlus membership to save on food and pet medication to keep your Labrador healthy and active!

Five Most Popular Dog Breeds and Why Everyone Loves Them

Dogs are the most popular pets across the world. The number of dog owners is on the rise as more and more people are either adopting or buying their own furry pup. Here's a list of the most popular dog breeds in America:

  1. Labrador Retriever โ€“ The loyal and trusty Labrador retriever has been one of the most popular dog breeds in the country for more than 25 years. Originally from Newfoundland, this breed earned its keep as the fisherman's companion: retrieving fish, fetching ropes and hauling nets in the North Atlantic. Later, they were used by breeders to help hunters retrieve their game. Today's Retrievers are as hard working and good natured as their ancestors. It is an excellent breed for families, therapy, show competitions, search and rescue missions, and handicap assistance, among other jobs.
  2. German Shepherd โ€“ This sturdy breed, which was first bred in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1899, is known for its use in military and law enforcement. They are highly intelligent and capable, with unmatched courage and devotion. They are also extremely versatile, excelling at anything they are trained to do: assisting and guiding the handicapped, search and rescue, herding, competitive obedience, drug detection, and other canine jobs. Their high energy levels necessitate a lot of activity and exercise.
  3. Golden Retriever โ€“ The Golden Retriever was first bred in Scotland for hunting. In the 1800s, Dudley Marjoribanks, a Scottish businessman, crossed a Tweed Water Spaniel (now-extinct) with a yellow retriever. He later added a bloodhound and an Irish setter to get the golden haired breed we know today. The tolerant and friendly attitude of the Golden Retreiver makes it a great family pet, and its high intelligence makes it a capable working dog. They are excellent at retrieving game, sniffing out drugs, tracking, and as assistance and therapy dogs. They are also natural at athletics and do very well in dog sports that involve competitive obedience and agility.
  4. Beagle โ€“ Curious and cute, dog lovers know this tenacious hunting dog breed for its trumpet-like baying howl instead of a bark. Like most of the hounds, they come in three colors varieties: red-and-white, lemon and tricolor. It was used by English hunters to hunt smaller game like rabbits and foxes. Their outgoing, loving and happy nature is balanced by their determination and inquisitiveness as a hound dog.
  5. Bulldog โ€“ Known for its wrinkly face and stocky build, the bulldog is one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. The name derives from its original use in bull baiting, which was banned in the early 19th century. Families like the bulldog do not require a lot of grooming and exercise, and has a relaxed temperament. Its short snout and heavy build make it prone to overheating when the weather is hot.
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