What Are The Most Common Causes Of Choking In A Pet?


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A pet choking can be quiet difficult to watch for any pet parent. Not only is it scary, but it can also be really sad. When you take the time to learn about all the common choking hazards around the house, if it ever happens that your pet is choking, youโ€™ll be better prepared to deal with it. You could even prevent the whole thing from happening sometimes!

  1. Foreign ObjectsMost animals, especially cats and dogs explore the world around them by sniffing, biting, and chewing. Sometimes, a dog can inhale whatever heโ€™s sniffing or chewing by accident and that can lead to him choking. These foreign objects can be anything such as bones, sticks, rawhides, balls, and even chew toys! When your dog is choking, take care to never insert your hand into his mouth to try and take out the item heโ€™s choking on. When he chokes, his natural reflexes make him bite. Avoid injury to yourself when caring for a choking dog. Rush him to the vet as fast as you can.Cats are more likely to choke on string from yarn or chew toys. Hide all the yarn in the house from your cat just to be safe. And store the chew toys out of reach when youโ€™re not also there playing with her.
  2. Collapsing TracheaThis is also another common choking hazard in pets โ€“ especially older dogs belonging to smaller breeds. The trachea can be described as the windpipe made of cartilage that connects the mouth and nose to the lungs. In smaller breeds, the trachea tends to become a little floppy. The harder the dog tries to suck in air, the worse the collapse will be, leading the dog to cough and choke.An excess in body weight can worsen this condition so the best preventative strategy is to keep your dog lean and healthy. If he still experiences problems, talk to your vet about alternative solutions.
  3. Constricting CollarsA collar thatโ€™s fastened too tight can be just as much a choking hazard as a collapsing trachea. The key is to always keep the collar lose enough so you will be able to fit two fingers into the gap. Remember that puppies and kittens still have some growing to do and they grow pretty quickly. Make sure to constantly check their collars to make sure itโ€™s not too tight.
  4. Feline AsthmaYour cat could choke from coughing or wheezing too much as a result of feline asthma. Causing in this instance is caused by airways that are constricted. Feline asthma is caused by allergens like pollen and dust mites in the environment. Although there is no cure for this disease, the symptoms are easily managed with a few medications.
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