What Are The Instincts of a Dog?

What Are The Instincts of a Dog?

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Canines have been manโ€™s best friend for approximately 15,000 years. Even though they have been with us for such a long time, there are certain behaviors that are common and strange. You should know that canines got these instincts, long before they were domesticated. Even to this day and age, all these instincts are still ingrained. Here are six common instincts of a dog.

  1. Spinning around continuously before lying downYou would have seen this countless times when your canine is about to lie down. Rather than lying down, your canine will go round and round in circles. Canines got this instinct when they used to live in the wild. Canines used to spin around to make their spot comfortable while removing bugs, sticks, dirt or any other thing which will come in their way.
  2. Licking your face or any other body partAs a canine owner, it is inevitable that your four-legged friend will lick your face or other body parts at random times. Canines in the wild used to use licking as a way of communication. Mother canines lick their little ones, stimulating their little ones to breathe after coming out of the womb. They also do it to clean their puppies. Canines lick their ownerโ€™s face or other body parts because of the release of endorphins, which will comfort them.
  3. Burying its toys to hide themSometimes, when you give your canine a bone or its favorite toy, it will run away and find a spot to bury them, which is another survival instinct. During the caninesโ€™ days in the wild, they bury their food in certain spots so that no one else can have them. As your canineโ€™s toys are its prized possessions, it will do everything to make sure it is safe from other animals. Now you know why your canine tries to hide all its toys.
  4. Wagging its tailJust like licking, canines use their tails to communicate with their species. However, you shouldnโ€™t assume that your canine is happy when it is wagging its tail. You will know if your canine is happy or frightened by the direction in which its tail is wagging. If the tail is wagging to the left, it means your canine is scared. If the tail wags to the right, your canine is happy.
  5. Rolling on disgusting thingsNo matter what you do, there are times, when your canine will roll on disgusting things such as dead animals and wet mud to name a few. Back in the day, canines had to hunt for their food. Canines avoid their prey from getting a whiff of their scent by rolling in disgusting things.

These are just a handful of the instincts of a dog. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please leave a comment below!

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