What Are Moggies and Why Are They Awesome?

What Are Moggies and Why Are They Awesome?

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No, we have not gone mad, nor does the word โ€œmoggyโ€ refer to a new and strange cat breed. Moggy is English slang for non-pedigree cats, and make no mistake, they are awesome. Find that hard to believe? Read on to find the list of reasons why moggies easily take the cake:

  1. They are robust โ€“ It is the rule of nature. When animals breed without the interference of humans, nature has a way of selecting the best genes, allowing only the fittest and strongest to be born. This is known as the theory of natural selection. Consequently, moggies are primed to be smarter, healthier and more robust than most of the purebreds. As a matter of fact, purebred cats suffer from a lot of genetic diseases that rarely affect moggies.
  2. Auto-wash โ€“ Moggies spend just as much time grooming themselves as purebred cats and since the short hair gene is more dominant, they do not require human grooming, except for the odd brushing to cutting down on the hairballs. Moggies are the low maintenance cat breed that you have always dreamed of having.
  3. They are geeky โ€“ You might have often heard people say this about purebreds: โ€œShe looks gorgeous, but is not really that smart.โ€ That is not the case with a moggy. They are exceptionally smart, especially the older cats. Adopt a moggy and you will be pleasantly surprised with their wily ways and the smarts with which they navigate the world around them.
  4. They always find a way to surprise you โ€“ While a lot of the purebreds are predisposed to behavioral traits, moggies do not really have a blueprint. Raising a moggy is no different from raising a child. You can never tell what you are going to get. Just give them love, respect and teach them a bit of discipline, and you get the most amazing pet ever โ€“ a cat who is very much his own.
  5. They are adorable โ€“ It goes without saying that moggies are completely adorable. Cats are elegant and beautiful creatures โ€“ even the ones that are clumsy (we are not allowed to take any names here). Their elegance, pride and lithe felineness make them all the more endearing. Having a beautiful thing around is good for your spirits, especially if that beautiful thing happens to be your most cherished pet.

So, there you go. These are just some of the reasons why cat mutts are better than purebreds. Now, we are not saying that you should not go for a purebred. After all, they have a majesty and charm of their own. But, think about what you are looking for before you decide to put down a lot of money on a purebred.

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