Westminster Adds 2 New Show Dogs - Could Yours Be One?



Westminster is where the top dogs come to show off their stuff in front of a panel of expert judges. According to New York Daily News, the Kennel Club revealed

two new breeds that will be competing next year

at the 139th iteration of the annual event. Falko, a 13-month-old Wirehaired Vizsla, and Luna, a 2-year-old Coton de Tulear, are the proud members of their breed to break into Westminster.

A Viszla

Hungarian hunting dogs, Vizslas are lean and athletic, with wiry dense coats that help protect them from inclement weather. While typically hyper by nature, Falko was relaxed enough during the big reveal after taking a nap prior to his introduction.

A Coton de Tulears

Coton de Tulears hail from Madagascar, but this pooch is a native New Yorker herself. Luna's fluffy white hair stuck out next to Falko's smooth brown coat as the pup shined during her close-ups. While the two dogs were friendly, that may not continue come February 2015, when they square off among other competitors at the official show in Madison Square Garden.With the addition of these pooches, the Kennel Club competition officially recognizes 192 breeds as possible entries. However, there are still a number of canines left off the show's list of participants, such as Goldendoodles, Puggles and Cockapoos, due to their status as mixed breeds.

Breeds that are runner ups as show dogs

VetStreet explained that

more than half of the dogs on the American Kennel Club's list

of most popular breeds haven't taken home Best in Show. While well-loved by many owners, these particular pooches have never been able to win over the judges' hearts throughout Westminster's storied history.

  • Labrador retriever: Despite being one of the most popular dogs in the U.S., these reliable and versatile pups have never worn the champion's crown. They're loyal companions who serve well as hunting partners, athletes, service dogs and search and rescue specialists. Nevertheless, it hasn't been enough to be the big winner.
  • Boston terrier: Sadly, this pup's sleek tuxedo-like coat has never won the grand prize at Westminster - even though they're one of the few breeds to originate in the U.S.ย Bred to be a best friend and partner, this little pooch is waiting for his chance to share the limelight with other perennial runner-ups.
Past winners who dominate

While it's shocking to see popular breeds like the Labrador never earn a victory, there are certain breeds that have brought home multiple first place finishes at Westminster. CNBC explained that some dogs have nabbed the title enough times to be considered the

most successful breeds in the competition's long history


  • Airedale terrier: Believed to have originated in the Valley of Aire in England, the Airedale is the largest of the terrier breeds. They've won four grand prizes at Westminster, most likely due to their sweet temperament and soft coat.
  • Boxer: This lovable breed is tied with the Airedale for victories, but is more popular in the U.S. Their protective personalities and curious nature make them perfect family dogs, as they love affection and playing with children.
  • Fox terrier: These pooches have dominated Westminster with a whopping total of 17 first place finishes combined between smooth fox and wire fox terriers. They originated in the British Isles in the 17th century and were bred to drive game from their dens during hunting trips. Today, they're known as excellent watch dogs.
Show dogs

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