Ways to Have Fun Playing With Your Dog in Winter


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Winters can be fun- thereโ€™s the snowfall, the hot cocoa, and of course, the holiday season. But, it isnโ€™t just the humans who find winters exciting. Even our furry little friends love winter and they have no qualms about showing it. However, as a sensible pet owner, you cannot let your dog out in the snow for more than a few minutes. There are obvious reasons for thatInstead follow these helpful suggestions to make winter as fun as possible for your faithful friend.

Try Indoor activities

Itโ€™s wise to stay indoors, especially during heavy snowfall. However, do not let that hamper your fun. Use the โ€œindoors timeโ€ to teach your dog a trick or two. If he or she is still a pup, you can use the time to train him/her. Also, keep your sessions short, about 5 to ten minutes each. Anything beyond this will cause your dog to lose attention. Small, multiple sessions are more fun and more effective.

Go for short, brisk walks

Itโ€™s okay for your dog to go on a long walk when the weatherโ€™s more pleasant. However, thatโ€™s not going to be possible during peak winter. But, your dog still needs the exercise. So, the best solution here is to go for short and brisk walks. But, donโ€™t keep your dog protected while doing so. Try to cover him/her with a sweater. Also, donโ€™t forget the paws. There are protective paw coatings and booties that are available in the market. So, try getting a set. Your dog can catch a cold if he/she is exposed to such extreme weather. So, make sure that your dog is insulated from nose to tail. However, if he/she feels uncomfortable, donโ€™t force the clothing. Start off by making him/her wear the sweater or coat for a few minutes every day, inside the house. If that still doesnโ€™t work, just let him/her be.

Watch out for chemicals

In case you did not know, roads and sidewalks are treated with chemicals to prevent freezing. These chemicals can be very toxic. So, make sure you have your dogโ€™s paws cleaned thoroughly after a walk outside. You donโ€™t want him/her licking her paws and ingesting all that toxic stuff. Also, when salting your own driveway and other areas, make sure you use a pet-friendly product.

Have fun

Despite the restrictions during this season, you can still make the most of your time on outdoor walks. For example you could include a few games to make your little one run around a bit and get all the exercise he/she can during that short span of time. For example, you can bury your dogโ€™s favorite toy in the snow and ask him/her to find it.

Keep Fido Happy, Warm and Dry During the Winter


Recently, it seems like every winter has been harsher and colder than the last. While our furry friends have some thicker coats to protect them from the frigid temperatures, sometimes it's not enough to keep them warm.KOAA Colorado reported that

Denver police officers were quick to visit the home of dog owners

who left their pooch outside in the cold and snow. After considerable public outrage, the city's law enforcement arrived and told the people to let their dog inside because he lacked adequate shelter.

During the winter months, it's not uncommon for temperatures to dip below freezing. Although the Denver officers are doing everything they can to keep local dogs safe, there's only so much they can do within the confines of the law. Whenever they're called to a home, police conduct an investigation to ensure that the animals aren't in distress and have proper access to shelter and water.If the conditions are deemed unfit, owners can be slapped with a hefty fine or face criminal charges for negligence. In fact, law enforcement officers are able to seize the dog if they feel he/she is in danger. If you see a dog outside shaking, tired, or not responding to calls, they may be distressed and need medical assistance.

Managing winter care for dogs

Winter is rough on every species. It's no wonder that birds fly south to warmer climates until the temperature becomes bearable again. Even with their fur, canines can experience hypothermia and other health complications from extreme cold. It's important to be mindful of the weather and practice effective

winter care for dogs

.The American Kennel Club suggests that

pooches shouldn't be left outside for long hours

. It's already cold enough to begin with, but wind chills can make temperatures drop dramatically. This is especially true when night falls and the sun's warmth is sapped. Only let them out alone for a half-hour or so before calling them back inside.There might come a time when your pooch goes outside and ends up soaked to the bone from snow or rain. The patented doggy "quick shake" can only do so much, so it's important to dry off with a towel or blow dryer. The Humane Society of the U.S. recommended that

protecting your dog from wetness can keep them happy and healthy

once indoors.Sign up for


today to find all of the accessories you need to provide winter care for your dog.

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