Watch This Hero Rescue 450 Dogs From Life On The Street

Watch This Hero Rescue 450 Dogs From Life On The Street

In many parts of the world, stray dogs are a serious problem. Their streets are full of roving packs of homeless dogs and, because of the threat that these dogs can pose to pedestrians, often times they are scooped up by dogcatchers and immediately euthanized. However, there are some people out there so saddened by these poor circumstances that they can no longer sit idly by as these dogs suffer. One of these guardian angels is Sasa Pejcic. sanctuary-5Sasa had grown weary of seeing the throngs of stray dogs in his homeland of Serbia. So much so that he ended up taking in as many stray dogs as he could afford to care for.sanctuary-4Turns out that he had a hard time figuring out when to stop. He now has over 450 dogs in his care, and each one of their lives has been improved astronomically by Sasaโ€™s generosity.

Sasaโ€™s Sanctuary

For the first time, these dogs are getting routine medical care, a healthy diet, and a warm place to rest their head at the end of a long day. But more to the point, for the first time these dogs are getting the love and attention all dogs crave. While Sasa is the man with the plan, he is not working alone. Sasa has a team of volunteers that help him manage the old riding stables that house his bevy of dogs. All of the food and other necessities are paid for with donations. And thanks to the goodwill of others like The Harmony Fund - not to mention the astronomical gift from Sasa - these dogs finally have a chance to enjoy their life.sanctuary-2 Many of the dogs at Sasaโ€™s sanctuary end up getting adopted internationally, while some are destined to spend the rest of their time living at the shelter. Either way, their quality of life has taken a huge step up thanks to Sasa, The Harmony Fund, and various donations. If you would like to helpย Sasa Pejcic with his wonderful cause, please check out their donation page here.Want more stories like this? Find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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