Watch This “Aggressive” Pit Bull React To Human Contact

Watch This “Aggressive” Pit Bull React To Human Contact

To anyone out there that still thinks

pit bulls are mean or dangerous dogs, this video is about to change your mind.

This is Cruz.


He was rescued and brought to the San Bernadino city shelter earlier this year. When he was processed, they labeled him as

“aggressive” and he was isolated from the rest of the dogs, likely to be put down. People are not likely to adopt a dog marked “aggressive,” especially if they are a pit bull.pit-bull-love-2

However, when shelter volunteer Maria Sanchez saw Cruz alone in his concrete cell, she saw something different. Rather than see him as a monster with violent tendencies, she saw a dog in the grips of fear and uncertainty, lashing out as a means of self-preservation and not aggression.So she took a chance.Maria knelt down, stuck her fingers through the bars, and in a soft, soothing voice, she

coaxed the “aggressive” dog into letting her touch him. And the results, well, they speak for themselves.

Watch Cruz’s Amazing Transformation

The Pit Bull Dilemma

People are quick to label pit bulls as “aggressive” or “dangerous” because of the breed’s inherent size and strength. Also, they are often raised by unscrupulous people who abuse them, and are taught to be wary of people. This unfavorable combination has yielded one of the most unfair and detrimental stigmas in the world of pets

.Our shelters are full of perfectly lovable pit bulls, but because of their image, people are less likely to invite them into their homes to live amongst their family. And this needs to stop.Luckily for Cruz, he was

able to make the jump from “aggressive” and an unlikely candidate for adoption to a totally lovable and unabashed mush.What’s more, thanks to the viral campaign surrounding his situation and transformation, he has since found his forever home.And while Cruz’s story has a happy ending, for many dogs like him, they are not so lucky. So please, share this story and help us show people that with enough TLC, many dogs thought to be unadoptable can prove to be just as cuddly as the next dog.Want more stories like this? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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