Video of Miracle Kitten Learning to Use Wheelchair is The Best

Video of Miracle Kitten Learning to Use Wheelchair is The Best

Earlier this month a Canadian rescue organization,

Tiny Kittens Society

, rescued a number of kittens from a feral cat colony. One of the rescued kittens, however, stood out from the rest. A nine-week old tiny tuxedo cat, Cassidy was in dire need of help as both

his back legs were missing

. Not only that, but because of his grave injury, Cassidy was also severely malnourished and had

serious infections

around the wound that would have been his back legs."It is a medical miracle that he survived even a day with such severe injuries, let alone nine weeks," said one of the rescuers on


.His condition meant that he needed a lot of special care, but even after his weeks of treatment, his difficulties with mobility still made life hard. But thanks to modern technology, the Tiny Kittens Society was able to make a custom designed


for Cassidy with a 3D printer. And now Cassidy is rolling around like a champ. See for yourself!

Cassidy & His New Wheels

While Cassidy is still a ways away from finding his forever home, he is getting better with his new wheels every day. You can be sure that he will roll into a loving home soon.

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