Tips to maintain your dogโ€™s coat

Tips to maintain your dogโ€™s coat

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Cuddling with a dog is a blissful experience. When you cuddle with a dog, their soft, shiny coat gently caresses your skin, relaxing your senses. A rough court can do more than just ruining your cuddling experience with your canine friend. A dull coat can indicate skin issues, which can impact your dogโ€™s appearance and overall health. To help keep your dog healthy and happy, we, in this post, impart a few tips to maintain their coat. Take a look.

  1. Check the ingredients of your dogโ€™s food
    Not all dog foods are made equal. Some are not properly balanced and are deficient in essential components such as Omega-6. Omega-6 deficiency in dogs can result in a rough and coarse coat. Before starting to feed your canine dog food by a particular brand , check out its ingredients to make sure it includes Omega-6. Steer clear of genetically modified grains.
    Watch out for low-fat formulas that may exclude certain essential nutrients. Add fish oil supplements that are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids to the canineโ€™s diet.
  2. Follow a bathing routine
    To help your furry friend get rid of ticks, flies, and other pathogens hiding in their coat, bathe them regularly. When deciding how frequent to bathe your dog, consider their breed and type, activity level, and skin conditions. While short -haired dogs can go without a bath for months, dogs with long hair need a bath more frequently. Whatever be the case, make sure the gap between two baths does not exceed three months.
  3. Use the correct shampoo
    Opt for shampoos with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, oatmeal, herbal proteins, and citrus extracts. If you furry friend has a light- colored coat, prefer using shampoos with brighteners and whiteners that boost luster. Shampoos packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins can work wonders for dogs with dull coats.
    If your dog has too many tangles, condition their coat after shampooing it. Steer clear of products with artificial ingredients. Most importantly, never use shampoos for humans on your dog, as they can wash off essential oils, often resulting in a dull and lustreless coat.
  4. Brush your dogโ€™s coat regularly
    Shedding is a normal process and you shouldnโ€™t be much concerned about it, however, excessive shedding can rob your handsome pooch of their enviable looks. To address this problem, brush your dogโ€™s coat regularly. Brushing not only helps get rid of dead fur, but also distributes natural oil throughout the animalโ€™s coat, promoting healthy hair growth.
  5. Give your furry friend herbal supplements
    Give your dogs herbal supplements such as horsetail and spirulina. While horsetail is a rich source of silica that promotes fur and bone health, spirulina contains vitamin-B and carotenoids that help maintain skin health. Before starting to give these or any other herbal supplements to your furry friend, consult your vet regarding the dosage.
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