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Illness is an unpreventable and inevitable part of your dogsโ€™ lives. You could ensure that he lives a healthy life by adopting healthy practices that suits his needs and keeps him fit. You play a critical role in your dogโ€™s good health. In most cases, the illnesses and injuries that may shorten a dogโ€™s lifespan are easily preventable. Help prevent these dog illnesses by following a few steps or adding a new routine to your daily activity roster.


It is the leading cause of doggy deaths. Itโ€™s a parasite thatโ€™s spread through mosquito bites. Heart-worm disease affects the lungs and the heart and can be fatal when left untreated. Get the monthly revolution of vaccines for your dogs โ€“ even on colder months where you might think it unnecessary. It may save his life.

GI Upset

Upset tummies in dogs can be easily prevented by sticking with canine foods. Our tummies are designed to handle high-fiber, high-protein, high-fat or sugar loaded foods, no matter how unhealthy. Our pets are more accustomed to a more controlled diet. Their stomachs arenโ€™t designed to handle high-risk foods like our daily plates. So stick to dog food to prevent chances of diarrhea and pancreatitis.


Diabetes is considered to be the Number One preventable disease when it comes to dogs. Obesity is the only factor that leads to this disease and the key here is to keep your pets slim and fit. When feeding your dog, practice portion control and make sure to exercise him regularly. Diabetes can inadvertently lead to more dire diseases like kidney and heart diseases. Weight is something the owners have control over. Prevent diseases by keeping him healthy.

Dental Diseases

Dental diseases are usually overlooked when it comes to canines and this leads to the worst problems like cancers and heart, kidney, and liver diseases. All this can be easily prevented by brushing your dogโ€™s teeth on a daily basis. Ask your vet for advice if itโ€™s your first time. Routine check-ups at the vet will tell you when your dog needs to have his teeth cleaned.

Skin Diseases

Promoting healthy skin in your pet is a big part of preventing skin diseases. Bathing can remove allergens from the skin so donโ€™t skip bath days!Brush your dog regularly to keep his coat in good condition. Brushing spreads the oil through the hair coat, promoting a healthy skin.

Injuries And Trauma

Although this may seem out of our control, this can be avoided in most cases by the simple use of a leash. Walking your dog is a great way to get exercise but remember that canines are curious animals and they may run off. Itโ€™s safer to keep him on a leash so he doesnโ€™t run into unwanted trouble.Taking a few preventive methods can help your dog in leading a stronger, longer and healthier life. A few precautions on our part may just let us have more happy years with them.

What should you feed your sick dog?

We all hate being sick. It reduces our appetite and brings our energy level to an all-time low. Exactly the same thing happens to our adorable ball of fur too. The most common illnesses seen in dogs is an upset stomach. Diarrhea, vomiting, kidney or liver disease, intestinal parasites can cause them to be sick too.

Symptoms that your dog is sick

Dogs cannot communicate to you when they are in pain or not feeling well. You need to be proactive and check for the following symptoms to ascertain that your dog is ill.

  • Loss of appetite.
  • Aversion from water.
  • Difficulty in walking.
  • Loose stools.
  • Excessive sleeping.
  • Excessive drooling.
  • Itchy skin.

When your puppy is sick, they stop eating and do not play all day. It hurts to watch them be sick. Getting them to eat nutritious food for a speedy recovery can become a challenge in itself. Would the same chicken noodle soup that makes us feel so much better work for our puppies too? Here is a list of food items to feed your dog when they are sick.


Make sure to boil and then cool the water. Feed your dog small amounts of water at regular intervals throughout the day. If they are extremely reluctant to drink water, you can use a dropper. Keeping your dog hydrated,when they are sick, is extremely important.

Shredded boiled chicken

Chicken is a great source of nutrition for your dog. Do not add any spices and simply boil some chicken. Shred-it to make it easier for your dog to consume it.

Boiled rice

Well cooked rice is another nutritious yet light food for your sick dog. Serve the rice in small portions to your dog. You can pair it up with shredded boiled chicken too.

Mashed pumpkin or sweet potato

Mashed pumpkin or sweet potato is soft and easy to digest. You can also feed them the canned pumpkin variety. Make sure that it does not have any additional sugar since that can further upset your puppyโ€™s tummy. Also, do not use sweet potato for diabetic dogs.

Bone broth

Bone broth is extremely mild and gentle on your dogโ€™s tummy. You can use turkey or chicken legs to boil in water. Remember to scoop out the layer of fat that forms on top of the broth after it has cooled down. As an additional precaution, strain the broth to remove all small bones.

Boiled eggs

If you see your dog getting a little better, you can try and feed them a fully boiled egg. It is high in protein, but do not force it on your pup if they do not feel like eating it. They might not be ready for an egg yet.

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