Times You Feel Your Dog is Behaving Like a Cat

Times You Feel Your Dog is Behaving Like a Cat

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If you own a dog as well as a cat, you are bound to witness mixed behavior by the two. Your cat may exhibit dog-like behavior and vice versa. Your dog can start to mimic your catโ€™s behavior as a result of cohabitation. Some dog breeds, on the other hand, are predisposed to feline behavior. The Manchester Terrier, Papillion, and Italian Greyhound are a few of the dog breeds that display cat-like behavior.If your dog exhibits the following behavior, you may start to feel like it has magically turned into a cat-

Signs of Problem Behavior-
  • Follow insects and rats.Cats spend a modest amount of time chasing after insects and rats. If your dog starts to do the same, it could make for a confusing time.
  • Cuddle into your lap. Dogs donโ€™t usually place themselves in your lap. It is characteristic behavior for cats.
  • Is shy in front of strangers. Dogs are naturally friendly and not suspicious of strangers unless trained to be so. Cats, on the other hand, take time to warm up to strangers.
  • Chases intruders.
  • Spends time relaxing all day. Dogs are generally active and love to play around. Cats are lazy compared to their canine counterparts. It is unusual for a dog to spend time laying about, unless injured or unwell.
  • Licks themselves as kittens tend to do.Cats are cautious about their grooming routine and can often be found licking themselves clean. If a dog starts to lick himself, it can be said that he is displaying cat-like behavior.
  • Perches on high surfaces without fear.Cats can climb up high surfaces and jump from them with great ease. Dogs are unable to do the same. If you find your dog suddenly perching on the sofaโ€™s armrest, it may be a cause for concern.
  • Likes to chase fast-moving objects that catch their eye.
  • Gets into tiny cramped spaces to reach food or otherwise.Cats can easily slip in and out of cramped spaces. A dog cannot quite manipulate its body to do the same.
  • Curls up into a ball and falls asleep instantaneously, irrespective of its size or age.
  • Can be silent except in the presence of other dogs.
  • Chases at things in the air that they fail to identify, such as flies.
  • Gets along easily with other humans than those of its kind.
  • Perks up its ears at the sudden instance of a sound.Cats are famously curious in nature. If a dog is suddenly interested in the minutiae it used to ignore before; it can be said to be exhibiting catlike behavior.
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