This Mama Pit Bull's Story Proves That Miracles Do Happen

This Mama Pit Bull's Story Proves That Miracles Do Happen

Life is full of small miracles that we often gloss over. However, for those out there who seem to reap nothing but bad luck, when the tides turn in their direction you canโ€™t help but sit back and take notice.Such is the case with Blue, a downtrodden

pit bull

that found her way to the steps of the Valley Humane Society this February. Pest ridden, emaciated, covered in sores, blind in one eye, and anemic from a tumor, the

Valley Humane Society

ย in Casa Grande Arizona decided to ignore their policy about not taking in strays off the street and rushed her over to the emergency clinic to have her examined.

(Small miracle #1)blue

After a series of test, x-rays, and ultrasounds, it was determined that, not only was Blue suffering from

myriad ailments

ย ( such asย 


),ย but she was also pregnant with a litter of 8 puppies.

(Small miracle #2)

However, as exciting as the prospect of puppies is, when the mother is as sickly as Blue, the act of

giving birth

becomes a harrowing ordeal. The vet that discovered Blue's pregnancyย was incredibly concerned that sheย was not healthy enough to withstand live birth. To make matters worse, the vet was doublyย worried that a C- section would presentย too big of a shock to her system, likely resulting in her death as well as the puppies.Well, despite all the concern, Blue delivered live birth to 8 beautiful, healthy puppies.

(Small miracles #3-10)blue pupps

However, the trial did not end there. Due to her emaciated frame, Blue was unable to nurse her litter on her own. And because of the medication she is on now, she remains unable to nurse. This was troubling because bottle feeding from birth is riskier than nursing, as bottle feeding does not provide the same level of essential nutrients as mother's milk. Despite the odds, however, all 8 puppies remain in good health and are in high spirits at their foster home.

(Small miracle #11)

To top it all off, Blueโ€™s cancer has gone into remission and all signs point to her having plenty of good years in front of her.

(Small miracle #12)IMG_3236

But the need for miracles is not yet through. Each one of these special pooches needs a personal savior to take them into their home and give them the kind of love a dog like this deserves. Will you be theirย last miracle? If you live near Casa Grande, Arizona, stop by the

Valley Humane Society

and set up a time to meet with these miraculous little pups.

blue pups

Photos courtesy of Valley Humane Society

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