Things to take care while taking your dog to work

Things to take care while taking your dog to work

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For many dogs and their owners alike, separation from their best buddies during the office working hours can be emotionally quite taxing. But today, more and more workplaces are becoming far more understanding. By throwing open their doors to welcome in our adorable pooches, pet friendly offices offer a great bonus for dog lovers.But while enjoying this benefit, owners also have to ensure that neither work, nor their co-workers suffer as a result. Here are some things to take care while taking canines to work:

Before setting out

The first thing to ensure is that your dog is properly house-broken and toilet-trained. He should listen to you and unfailingly respond to all basic commands. To ensure his own safety as well as that of people and other pets he might interact with, Fido should be clean, well-groomed, healthy and up-to-date on all his vaccinations. Also, some people are allergic to dog fur or dander. It is always better to talk to them before bringing your dog to work.Comb the office environment thoroughly for anything that might be a health hazard for your beloved pet. Loose cords and wires, an easily accessible rubbish bin or even stray office supplies lying on the floor that your pet may chew on can be a potential threat. The need for properly dog-proofing your desk cannot be over emphasized!Before the two of you set out for office, pack all the things that your dog might need for the day โ€“ bed and blanket, water and food bowls, leashes, chew toys, puzzle toys, food, treats and poop bags. It is also a good idea to carry paper towels and pet stain removers in case of any accidents.But despite all these precautions, if Fido is very uncomfortable and shy around strangers or if he is aggressive towards them, it is best to avoid taking him to the office. He might not take well to the overwhelming array of new people and environment that he meets at the workplace!

At the office

Always ensure the safety and comfort of your pet pal. Give him sufficient food and water, take him on sufficiently spaced out toilet and exercise breaks, give toys to keep him occupied as you work and reward calm behavior. But always be ready for distractions and have a backup plan ready in case he is upset, worried or misbehaving. Also, it is not a good idea to leave Fido unattended at office. You can always ask for help from your trusted co-workers in case of an emergency.Some people may be afraid or uncomfortable around dogs, however friendly they might be. Make sure that your dog respects the boundaries of your co-workers. Also ensure that the colleagues respect the rules that you set down for your pet. They should not give him treats while you are not looking or accidentally encourage misbehavior.

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