The Whistle Dog Collar and the Age of the iDog



The age of the mobile device is upon us and it seems a rarity to ever meet a person who isnโ€™t plugged in. It's great to always have access to GPS or to be able to look up that fact you are dying to know right now. On the other hand, crossing the street without looking will never be a good idea.

The Mobile Dog

It may not be all that surprising that the portable super computer is entering the dog world, albeit in a unique doggy fashion. New devices like the

Whistle dog collar



ย clip onto your dog's collar and have the ability to track some of the benchmarks of your dogโ€™s health. These devices can monitor daily activity and report back to your phone with updates on whether Fido was getting

enough exercise today

. Future devices may even be able to monitor eating and bathroom habits and external stimuli like temperature and humidity.

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Canine Health & Activity Trackers (CHATs) are a novelty now but how long before we come to regard these devices as the norm? With a CHAT you will be able to see patterns of inactivity and, even if you take your pooch to the park every day, you might be surprised at how sedentary their lives have become.With technology racing forward almost anything is possible. It begs the question: what aspects of your dogโ€™s life would you like to have monitored 24/7? When we are micromanaging

every move our dogs make

it brings new meaning to the term โ€œon a short leash!โ€

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