The Things Your Cat Simply Cannot Live Without

The Things Your Cat Simply Cannot Live Without

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When you have a kitten in your household, youโ€™ll have to take care of that precious little bundle of fur like youโ€™re her own mother. There are certain things that kittens learn from their mother alone and if thatโ€™s not possible, then weโ€™ll have to step up and teach our kittens these life lessons ourselves. While cats are generally easier to care for than dogs, there are some things that youโ€™ll need to have when you bring your kitty home.

  1. A safe spaceA new environment can be really scary for a kitten. So itโ€™s important to just start out small and introduce her to a small spot thatโ€™s out of the way and quiet enough for her to go to every time she feels a little overwhelmed. Donโ€™t pick an area that is always frequented by people. Pick a quiet and out-of-the-way area that will be comfortable for her. After sheโ€™s comfortable enough, help her explore the rest of the household bit by bit. Keep your kittenโ€™s water and food bowls as well as her litter box in this safe area that youโ€™ve created for her.
  2. A cozy and warm bedIt doesnโ€™t really have to be a bed at all, as long as your provide her with a cozy and warm place to sleep. Most cats tend to ignore their beds for a more comfortable fluffy blanket. They decide whatโ€™s comfortable. Help them find that one thing which they like. It could even be a cardboard box. Cats are curious creatures.
  3. Delicious FoodA new kitten needs good nutrition to grow. Stick to the kitten food for as long as your cat is still a kitten. Also, donโ€™t just stick to one type of cat food. Instead, make your kitty try different types of foods so that sheโ€™s aware that food doesnโ€™t just come in one form. This might also be beneficial for later in their lives if you have to switch up their diet due to health issues. Variety is always good and this way, you can easily figure out which type of food sheโ€™s inclined to the most.
  4. Litter BoxThis should be one of the very first things that you buy for your kitty. All you have to do is make a litter box be available to them as they are naturally inclined to use one. If you have more than a single cat, always have spare litter boxes available. Most cats donโ€™t like sharing their litter boxes.
  5. Toys to keep them occupiedCats tend to get bored a lot. To avoid this, provide them with interesting toys that they can play with even while youโ€™re absent. Try puzzle toys. Cats always like a challenge and mental challenges are the best of all.
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