The Mysteries of Your Dogโ€™s Tongue

The Mysteries of Your Dogโ€™s Tongue

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Dogs have a lot of things to offer us. Theyโ€™re loyal, cuddly, and friendly. They also come with a lot of surprises. There are lots of things about our dogsโ€™ tongues that we donโ€™t know. You probably love doggy kisses, but his tongue does a whole lot more. Just like in humans, a dogโ€™s tongue is a very important part of his mouth. Your tongue is a muscle controlled by your brain. Here are a few facts about your dogโ€™s tongue.

  1. Some of them come in shades of blue.Shar-Peis and Chow Chows have tongues with a bluish tinge. It varies from dark to baby blue. Although no one really know the reason behind it, itโ€™s still pretty spectacular to behold. While itโ€™s beautiful, it also puts them at a health disadvantage. Vets will have a harder time identifying symptoms in dogs with blue tongues.
  2. Human tongues are cleaner.Contrary to popular belief, your dogโ€™s tongue doesnโ€™t have magical healing properties. When he licks his wounds, he might in fact, be doing more harm than good. A canine mouth has over 600 different types of bacteria!
  3. Dogs are excellent groomers.Although they donโ€™t really seem like it and their grooming habits wonโ€™t come anywhere close to that of a catโ€™s, they still like taking care of themselves and keeping their appearance in check. While cats have hard tongues that help them de-tangle and un-knot their fur while grooming, dogs have softer tongues. Although this puts them at a disadvantage while grooming, they still try. He can do the simple things like remove dirt and debris from his fur. Youโ€™ll still need to do the heavy lifting by brushing him on a regular basis to remove knots.
  4. They can keep themselves cool with their tongues.You might have noticed that your furry friendโ€™s panting gets heavier whenever itโ€™s hot. This is because panting helps them to keep cool. Unlike humans, dogs lack sweat glands all over their body. So they use panting as a mechanism to cool off on a hot day. The quicker he pants, the quicker he cools down. The air moves over his tongue, his upper respiratory tractโ€™s lining, and mouth to evaporate excess moisture, cooling them down.
  5. Your dogโ€™s tongue influences the way he barks.The sound of your dogโ€™s bark is one that can be easily distinguished. Although they all sound pretty similar, no dog has the exact same bark. This is all thanks to their tongues. The shape and size of his tongue impacts the way he sounds.
  6. Our furry friends have lesser taste buds.Dogs only have sixth of the taste buds that we have. This is why they tend to choose their desired meal more through smell than through taste.
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