The Dog Breeds That Are Fastest in the World


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Dogs can run really fast, no matter their breed. Dogs are naturally great runners, unless bred specifically for being calm and slow. Are you wondering which the fastest domesticated dogs in the world today are? Here is a list of some of the fastest domestic canines:

  • Greyhound: These dogs are known for their running and sprinting skills, and have been known to reach speeds of 45 miles an hour during their sprints! They are very gentle and sociable dogs with a calm personality. Although they love to run, they are not overly energetic dogs and do well as family dogs.
  • Afghan hound: This large, elegant-looking dog has a goofy personality and loves to run, reaching speeds of 40 miles an hour during sprints. This is one of the oldest known dog breeds in the world today. They are long-haired dogs that need constant care, grooming, and maintenance to stay healthy.
  • Saluki: This sweet-looking dog was bred to chase fast prey, which means that it is a dog that is quick on its feet and very active. They can reach running speeds of 42 miles per hour. They are energetic dogs that need lots of space to run, jump, and play on a regular basis.
  • Dalmatian: This large dog breed loves to pay and run around, and can reach speeds of up to 37 miles an hour. This breed is very intelligent and energetic and needs constant exercise to keep the energy levels in check. They are also high in endurance, so if you love to go for long runs with your dog, this breed will make a great companion for you.
  • Borzoi: This regal dog breed was bred to hunt and chase wolves, and can reach sprinting speeds of 36 miles an hour. This is a very regal-looking breed, which can be quite independent by nature. They love to run and must have lots of space to run and play.
  • Jack russel terrier: This is the smallest breed to make it to this list with speeds reaching an impressive 38 miles an hour. This small dog is very high on energy and can run amazingly fast. They are great as working dogs and are very playful by nature. They tend to live quite long and do not have any major health problems common to the breed.
  • Doberman pinscher: This breed is known to make really good guard and police dogs, and can reach running speeds of 32 miles per hour. They are extremely intelligent and sensitive dogs that are easy to train.

Certain kinds of shepherds, collies, and hounds also reach amazing speeds exceeding 30 miles an hour. Most of the fast breeds are those that were bred to chase prey or as working dogs.

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