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There are two types of people in this world: those who look at a cat and say, “oh, a cat,” and those who look at a cat and say, “oh, a Maine Coon with trademark phenotypic expressions of polydactylism and long hair.”Maybe that's an overstatement but most people, even cat lovers, probably don’t know as much as they’d like about the wide variety of cat breeds in existence. With over 70 breeds recognized, each with their own unique qualities, dispositions, and backgrounds, it can be a fun topic to pursue, especially with your cat on your lap.Let us illuminate your day with our easy to digest cat breed infographic!Get the most important facts to impress your friends and figure out which cat is which by reading on below. And don’t forget, 95% of the cats out there are good, old-fashioned American Domestics, the healthiest and hardiest mixed breed. But don’t be surprised if your special pal has a little bit of Sphinx in him. Or Abyssinian, or Russian Blue, or Ragdoll…

Cat Breeds Infographic
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