The Best Way To Groom Your Brussels Griffon

The Best Way To Groom Your Brussels Griffon

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Brussels Griffon comes in two types: the smooth and the Rough. The breed is available in a total of three colors: red, black and a mix of tan and black. As an owner, you will find grooming the Smooth coat variety much easier. You only require natural bristle brushes to brush. Employ curved scissors to remove hair present between toes. You must remove the curl which invariably forms at the tail end. It is necessary to use an extremely fine comb when the Smooth dog molts. This ratchets up the hair removal speed. The tail could also be trimmed around and underneath the anus area. This keeps the dog tidy. Detailed stripping is needed for Rough coat variety of Brussels Griffon dogs.

Required equipment

Grooming the Rough coated Brussels Griffon needs a medium-toothed comb, bristle brush, thinning scissors, tweezers. Small slicker, and a fine-toothed comb. The aim is to get a natural look and not a trimmed appearance. A few Griffons have no undercoat. They may appear somewhat bare for a couple of weeks after they get stripped.Take the bristle brush and work through the Griffon's coat. Use any medium toothed comb to comb through the fur. Use your finger to lift a few hairs between the finger and the thumb. Pull them in a gentle manner. The coat is okay to strip if the hair comes out without much effort. Start to strip the top coat at the neck base or at withers between shoulder blades. Continue to strip down back and also the side of the tail. When you strip, the hair growth must be towards you.

What to see

The long hairs from the Griffon's thighs must be removed. Care must be taken to retain any balanced outline. The thick hair which grows on the hind legs' back must be removed. Same goes for longest hairs from the front of the feet and the legs. Do not overstep. If you do so, the feet will appear long and not the catlike look that is the hallmark of this breed. The area from the shoulders to the chest should be stripped, and the long hairs snipped away from the leg.You can use the number 10 clippers or scissors to snip around the genital area and below the stomach. Before you proceed any further, stand back and look carefully at the overall appearance of your canine. Remove all stray hair which detracts from the balanced and smart look. When it comes to the head, begin from behind the eyes. Be careful to strip a few hair strands at a single time. Go back to one ear at a time and over top of the head. The longer hairs over eyes can be left to form the eyebrows.

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