The Best Spots For Placing Cat Litter


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Much to the anguish of a cat lover, the unsightly and smelly cat poop and urine can be a turn off for many such people. Training your kitty to do its business within the prescribed premises isnโ€™t such a herculean task as it may seem! Knowing a few basic things about a catโ€™s inherent nature can help in sorting out many a โ€˜potty accidentโ€. They prefer a soft, clean, quiet spot, shrouded in the veil of privacy though not completely hidden out of sight, far away from its food and water bowl. The age and medical condition of a cat also needs to be taken into consideration. An old or arthritic cat should have its litter box within reach as it most probably wouldnโ€™t waste time looking for the box when nature calls!Also, choose a location where your feline buddy can be mostly caught chilling, as it does make sense to plant the litter box in its favorite and most frequented corner of the home. If you plan to push up the box to some unfrequented location, you can be rest assured to find the litter at any place but the litter box.Choose a low-traffic area for placing the box and in a place which you are most likely to keep frequenting too, as cats do love to be in the vicinity of their owners.Still in a fix? Think about where would you build a washroom? Someplace well-lit, warm, comfortable and easily accessible, isnโ€™t it?! So if you place the box in a room far away from the warm living area, somewhere outside, in the winters, donโ€™t blame your kitty if it refuses to comply and relieves itself on your pillow instead. Well jokes apart, ensure that the box is kept in a low noise room where the decibel levels arenโ€™t too high and jarring, ultimately resulting in a quick escape from the box with unfinished business. So if you intend placing the box in the washroom, ensure that it is placed at a safe distance from the noise of the washing machine or dryer.Also, they usually prefer to urinate and defecate in separate boxes, so you might want to keep two of those. They are in addition, quite sensitive to smell, hence keep the litter boxes away from the food and water containers.They also like to have their privacy ensured while going about their business. Itโ€™s a wise decision to cover one end of the box with a soft cloth and keep one end open so that it remains aware of its surrounding and gets just the right amount of privacy as well!Cats are usually not to keen sharers. So if you have many kitties, it will indeed be a wise decision to invest in separate boxes for each kitty. And you might want to spread them out, by keeping them in a different corners taking into consideration the above factors.

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