The Best Mobile Apps for Pet Parents


Search your favorite app store for pet-related apps, and you'll be served up an enormous list of games, social networks, tools, and more that claim to be the best, the most fun, or the most useful. But how do you know which ones will really bring the most smiles to you and your pet?Well, we've rounded up the most addictive and most useful apps for pet parents to make your mobile experience more pet-friendly. Take a look at these apps and try some out with your pet!

The AddictivePetsNextDoor

- For iOS and Android. This large-scale and popular pet parent social networking app lets you create profiles for your pets, upload photos and info, and share as much about your pet's day as you like. Browse by area for other pet parents and follow the lives of their pets, enter your pet in contests to see who is the most adorable, and join groups to discuss your favorite pet topics. Once you start, we bet you won't want to stop.


- For iOS. This app is best described as Pinterest for pet parents. Upload pet photos, share, like, follow, and bask in the constant feed of beautiful, cute, and downright adorable pics of other people's pets. It's like having a fleet of photographers in your pocket, all delivering snapshots of what you love the most -- pets!

KloofYou vs. Cat

- For iOS and Android. This app is made for iPads and large tablets, and will have you and your cat addicted in no time. Pit your reflexes against those of your cat as you fire cat-food-shaped playing pieces at the "goal" on their end of the screen. If they catch the piece before it hits the goal, the point is theirs. Check the

World-Wide Leaderboard

of people vs. cats, and see if you can't tip the score in humanity's favor. Either way, you'll have tons of fun.


- Find out

how to safety play electronic games for cats


The UsefuliCam

- For iOS and Android. While this app can be used to keep tabs on anything from a baby in the other room to a new babysitter, the benefits to pet parents are obvious. Keep an eye on your pooch while you're at work, or make sure your cat is comfortable while reigning the empty house for a few nights. Whether you just miss your pet's big eyes while you're gone for the day, or you want to keep tabs on them for a longer period, iCam lets you keep them in your sights.

iCamPet Minder -

ย For Android.ย Pet Minder Pro is an app for the pet parent with a busy lifestyle. Every time you do something with your pet you'll want to track, like giving them medicine, feeding them, going for a walk, or going to the vet, tap a button on the app and it'll record the date for you. Use it one-handed while playing with your pet, and get back to the good stuff. Set up reminders and notifications, and never forget a dose of medicine, playdate, or appointment again.


- For iOS.


This app breaks down the math and takes the mystery out of helping your dog lose weight and stay fit. Using a calories in vs. calories out setup, you track what your dog eats and their activities, and the app will let you know if you're on track to get your dog to their

ideal healthy weight

.ย With a database of over 1,800 brand name pet foods, the app already knows the calorie content in a cup or two of your dog's food.

SlimDoggyHonorable MentionsMapMyDogWalk

ย โ€“ย For iOS and Android.


This app is great for finding walk suggestions in your area and mapping the distances you travel with your pup. It goes in the Honorable Mentions category because most of the info is more human-related than not. For instance, there's a nutrition section that's all about your own fitness and healthy eating. It's a great app for those looking to get fit and take their dog along for the ride.


โ€“ For iOS.ย This app goes in the Honorable Mentions group mostly because the name is a bit misleading. It doesnโ€™t help you shop for dog food or contain information about any brands, but it does have a comprehensive list of human food and what is and isnโ€™t safe for dogs. So if you have some leftovers you're thinking of scraping into the doggie bowl, this is the app to have to hand. It ranks food on a health scale so youโ€™ll know whatโ€™s โ€œhealthyโ€ versus whatโ€™s โ€œokay for occasional treatsโ€ and also what's poisonous or toxic.


ย โ€“ For iOS and coming soon to Android. Basically this is just a normal weather app, but it shows the daily stats on top of pictures of puppies. Each day refreshes with a new sweet face, and you can buy packs of themed pics like Glamour, Puppy Love, and Holiday Pups. It may not be more useful than any old weather app, but it sure is cuter!

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