The best hunting dog breeds you must look for!

The best hunting dog breeds you must look for!

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We love dogs for various reasons. While some of us like their playful nature, some might enjoy their company while hunting. While all dogs are good companions regardless of the activity, some dogs are exceptionally good at hunting. Here are the top choices in dog breeds when it comes to hunting. Is your furry friend on the list? Read on to find out.

American Foxhound โ€“ As the name suggests, these dogs are excellent partners while hunting foxes. Known for their speed, a large number of deer hunters also prefer using American Foxhounds on their hunting trips compared to most other breeds. These dogs are extremely energetic and are great at following commands.

Pointer โ€“ These dogs have a short and thin coat and as such, cannot be used to hunt in the cold. In more warm regions however, these dogs are great company while bird hunting. There are different types of Pointers, including the German wirehaired Pointer, the English Pointer and the German shorthaired Pointer. All these dogs are excellent at bird hunting.

Labrador Retriever โ€“ This one is obvious from the name itself! Although a large number of people have Labrador Retrievers due to their calm and docile nature, these dogs are actually amazing hunting dogs. Labrador Retrievers are often known to be the ultimate waterfowl dogs and are the preferred choice while hunting ducks. They have tons of energy and are willing to run miles to retrieve your kill.

Beagle โ€“ Not many would associate this little bundle with hunting. However, the Beagle is one of the most iconic hunting dogs. Beagels are persistent and full of energy and more than anything else, their love for the chase makes them excellent hunting companions. These dogs canโ€™t be used for hunting big game due to their short legs, but for smaller game like rabbits, Beagels are surely a good choice.

Weimaraner โ€“ These dogs are one of most elegant-looking among hunting dogs. The Weimaraner have their origin in Germany where they were used for hunting small and large game, from birds to bears. They have long legs, that make them seem a bit awkward when you first look at them, but their legs help them in running fast to catch or corner the game. These dogs are perfect while hunting for quail or pheasants.

Coonhound โ€“ These dogs are the best choice when it comes to hunting raccoons. With a Coonhound around, you can be sure never to have a raccoon problem on your property. These dogs have an extremely heightened sense of smell that helps them sniff out raccoons with ease. These dogs are great at hunting in all weather conditions and all sorts of terrains.

These Are The Easiest Dog Breeds To Train For Agility

Dogs have been bred for very specific purposes for many centuries. Certain breeds are meant to be quick on their feet, while others are meant to be bulky and strong. If you are looking for a dog that you can train for agility competitions and obstacle courses or are simply looking for an active dog for your family, there are certain breeds you might want to consider.

Dog breeds perfect for agility training

  • Jack Russel Terrier: These tiny dogs have oodles of energy and love to run around and be active. They are also very intelligent dogs, which makes them easy to train for agile activities. These dogs are quite small and extremely friendly, which makes them ideal for families that have kids and want an active dog.
  • Miniature Schnauzer: These dogs are a farm breed and love large open spaces. It is a rugged dog that is easy to maintain and is known to be good for those with dog allergies as they shed very less. They are energetic dogs that are not overflowing with energy, which gives them a calm demeanor, although they are known for baring a lot.
  • Shetland Sheepdog: Commonly known as collies, these dogs are extremely friendly, agile, and full of energy. They are also highly intelligent and loyal to a fault, which makes them easy to train. They need regular exercise and lots of space to run around. They shed a lot and need constant grooming and care.
  • Dalmatians: This breed is known for endurance and agility, along with intelligence and loyalty. The breed works best with a single owner and is not very good with being social. Although popular as pets, this breed is not ideal for large families or families with kids.
  • Doberman Pinscher: These dogs are intelligent, energetic, and quick on their feet. They are also very sensitive dogs, which you need to keep in mind when training them. These dogs have tons of energy which needs to be burned up every day to ensure they do not get destructive or display aggressive behavior as a release for pent-up energy.
  • Greyhound: This dog was bred for racing and running, which means that it is one of the best dogs when it comes to agility training. They love jumping and playing, are easy to train, and are extremely good with kids. They can be a little mischievous and naughty at times.

Know that although certain breeds are known to be great with kids and friendly with people, a dogโ€™s behavior depends on how it is socialized early on. If a dog is bred to be aggressive or has not been around people it might not be suited well for a family. Similarly, a dog that is extremely friendly might not make a great guard dog for your home. Understand how dogs function and choose your pet wisely.

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