The Best Funny Pictures of Dogs on the Internet Laugh Until You Cry Over These Dog Pictures

The Best Funny Pictures of Dogs on the Internet

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Check out the funniest pictures of dogs on the internet. Who said the internet was all about cats?

Depending on how you look at it people either spend way too much time looking at funny pictures of dogs and cats online or way too little. If you are going to waste your time we want to help you do it efficiently by aggregating the funniest pictures of dogs on the internet right here. Enjoy!

 Our pets don't like to be let down. Every animal has a play drive, including humans, and when it is time to let loose, roll in the mud with your furry friends and call in sick to go on a nice nature walk.

 Dogs are simple folk, inclined to pleasures like staring, napping, chasing and jumping. Indulge them with something interesting to stare at, a comfy nap space, and something exciting to chase or jump on.

If you are going to dress your dog you better do it the right way.

funnydogsiteDogs are not always in the mood to entertain. Let them relax.
Dogs are as excited about new technology as people are. Technologies like can openers, automatic tennis ball shooters, and little electronic race cars!
Most importantly, remember that, like humans, dogs make mistakes. They forget that pillows aren't meant to be prey, or that every shoe in the house is not their property. Our cute pooches don't mean any harm when they find the hidden treats and eat them all, or wind up in your bed when you wake up.

Remember, if you have a dog and you have a camera you also have a duty to your fellow procrastinators to film and photograph your pets at all times in the hope that they might do something so silly that it lights the internet on fire. To paraphrase a quote by internet sensation Grumpy Cat, the only thing better than 15 minutes of fame is 20.

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