The 20 Greatest Dog GIFs of All Times

The 20 Greatest Dog GIFs of All Times

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They're cute. They're funny. They're adorable. You can't help but love them, and these dogs, even more so! Let us take a look at some of the greatest dog GIFs in time, from dogs that like to twerk to the ones that think they're superheroes.

  1. Disguises one too (two) many!giphy1They said that you needed some help with the chores.
  2. Cat dog gone wrong!giphy2Guess who's a hit at costume parties now.
  3. Because some dogs like to helpgiphy3Shiba Inus just got awesomer than they already were!
  4. They're there when you need some help to shovel the snowgiphy4Even if they get preoccupied with gnawing the shovel handle sometimes
  5. This guy is a pro!giphy5And he never asks for a raise, we hear!
  6. Some others like to get a little help while they help themselves to some food!giphy6Even if it means that they have to fraternize with the enemy
  7. And some others do it for a good massagegiphy7Who doesn't enjoy a good massage?
  8. Some try to be like humans!giphy8Or maybe they are just mocking the baby, we can't tell.
  9. Some others forget to dog!giphy9But we love them all the same!
  10. Of course, you have got to be worried if they start twerking..and they're good at it. Like this guy.giphy10We love you, Bruno. Now stop trying to be like Miley, okay?
  11. They know how to wake you upgiphy11No, it's not just cats who fall for that laser trick!
  12. And you know how to wake them upgiphy12Crackers, I smell crackers
  13. That crazy look in their eyes when they know that a treat is within precious.
  14. And then you have dogs that want all that they can get!giphy14And they know that they're being greedy
  15. Some dogs want their treats so they can have their treats, and have a little fun with it toogiphy15Do you want this treat? Cool, just checking.
  16. Other dogs are just smarter!giphy16What? Where did it go?
  17. And then you have dogs that are all about the swag!giphy17Deal with it!
  18. Some dogs don't need swag, they've got all the right moves!giphy18Oh yea!
  19. And then, you have superhero dogs!giphy19They can't run, but oh well.. that sprint though.
  20. Some do it for the belly rubs.giphy20Don't stop.. please?
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