The 11 Biggest Dog Fails of 2015

The 11 Biggest Dog Fails of 2015

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2015 was a good year for most of us, but these dogs did not have it all that easy. They had their fair share of fail moments. We believe that this is their way of trying to outdo cats for all that attention that they have been receiving online. Either way, here goes the 11 biggest dog fails from the year that was!

  1. Am I getting too fat for this?Alright, easy does it. Maybe, if I crouch I can get through this. Nope. Those dog treats are making me fat, I knew it!giphy

Maybe open the door for the poor guy?2.Nap time friendsTime to hit the snooze button

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Isn't it great when you know you have a shoulder to rest on, when you're going through a tough phase or when you're just plain sleepy. Well, make sure your nap time pet doesn't slyly shift away as you dose off.3.So some dogs need to work on their catching skillsI don't like this new food that you've bought, why is it attacking me? Next time, we just use the food bowl okay?

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Because some dogs just forget to dog.4...And some, need some more trainingAlright, let's do this. Why you have to go and trip and fall like that!

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Although, she fell first, and he managed to at least land right!5.Guess who's on a roll?Mom, what am I doing wrong?

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Jump, roll, back onto the floor. This pudgy little ball of fur nearly got there, but in the end, the roll had the last say. Well we're just glad there's soft carpet on the floors, so this little guy gets to try out all his antics safely.6.This one will eat right out of the jar if he has toWhy is everyone staring at me? Maybe if I turn away they'll stop looking.

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Smaller jar heads would help!7.If you flip, I flipWhy didn't anyone tell me that it was alive?

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And that's why you don't go sniffing around when something smells fishy!8.One moment you're in the pool, the next moment the pool is all over youThat escalated quickly

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Too many dog and pool accidents for us to believe it's ever safe to let pets around pools by themselves.9.Round and round and round and round we go!Feels like I'm going in circles.

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We wonder how long it took before he stopped.10.Too cool to catchWhat d'ya say man?

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Swag dawgs don't need no treats.11.Bouncing ball + running dog = Ninja Cat ModeLet me go fetch that!

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Maybe use the usual fetch ball the next time!Hope you enjoyed our list!

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