Taking Your Dog on a Train


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Your dog could be your best friend, but a train journey could be a matter of anxiety and dread for your dog. As an owner, you can help your dog to overcome this. You have to follow a list of rules to make sure your dog stays calm and happy throughout the trip. Most train companies have their own set of rules when it comes to domesticated animals boarding their train. Some rules are common across all train operators while others could be specific to that particular train company.

Train company rules

Most train companies have the rule that canines must be kept on a leash at all times. The only exception is if the animal is enclosed in a carrier. Your dog has no right to a train seat and you will be charged if it does so. Whatever you do, it is inadvisable to take the dog into any restaurant carriage. There is one exception to this rule though: dogs will be allowed only if it is a blind assistance dog or a dog specially trained to help the deaf. Do remember that train staff is fully within their powers to remove your dog from the train if it is determined that the animal's behavior or size will likely cause an inconvenience to other passengers. In case other passengers object to the presence of the dog, then you must move the dog to another place. Alternatively, you can be asked to muzzle up to the animal and chained to a certain location on the train. The dog may also be checked into a carrier. It may also be put in the guard's compartment.

Packing essentials

A number of train companies have compiled their own set of recommendations for travelers who sit in the train with their canine companion. Avoid rush hour or rush times when you travel with the dog. A rush hour means a train full of impatient people. The dog would be anxious and may suffer from ill health during the journey.  In case you and your dog will be on the train for a longer period, do pack a bag with canine essentials like water bowl, dog medication, and adequate quantities of water. Do take your dog (if possible) for a walk inside the train. The activity will calm the animal down. Why not bring a familiar rug for the animal to sit on? The animal will be much calm and happier once it takes a walk and then finds the opportunity to sit on something familiar. Try to find a quiet seat a little distance away from the other passengers. This arrangement will assist the dog to settle down. You can encourage your dog to settle under your seat.

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